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Ceremonies within Fal

The realm of Balance is home to Court and many important ceremonies. Traditionally Bondings, children and divorces all happen here, as well as oaths before the King and Queen.

Bondings are the equivalent of weddings elsewhere, though the style is often different. The King performs a special ceremony within the ceremony to trade a piece of the soul between those being Bonded.

Divorces are a literal battle. If either spouse is unhappy with the relationship, for whatever reason, then a battle between them is declared. They then fight to the death, and the winner scalps the loser to take back that piece of their soul.

It should also be noted that there is no limit of spouses, or of what gender, a Sheshawnii has. It isn't uncommon for multiple relationships to develop within the spouses of one person, either.

Children in Sheshawnii are born either from raw materials or a piece of each of their parents. These pieces are then planted in the soil of the realm of Balance, and depending on when the lands view it is the right time, appear within the land that the child is needed in to maintain Balance. It can often take centuries or moments for a child to appear.
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