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Beliefs and Taboos

The Sheshawnii themselves follow no gods or goddesses, having no deities. Instead, they respect Elements and Balance. This respect is held strongly for the realm and element they are born for, and for maintaining Balance. Each Sheshawnii's views of Balance differ from one to another, though it is generally respected that it is not only black and white or eye-for-an-eye. Rather, it spans an entire spectrum.

Taboo varies from realm to realm, though respected in each. (For example, one wouldn't try to touch a Dawncry's journal without their permission.) There are only really two widely observed taboo.

The first is scalping. Souls are considered precious to Sheshawnii; so much so, that a Bonding ceremony involves exchanging a portion of each person's soul. Scalping, in terms other than to heal a soul-bound illness or a divorce, is a high-crime. It is believed that by removing one's soul from being reincarnated into another Element, one disrupts Balance. There are two ways this is dealt with. The first is by scalping the offender within the realm of Fal in order to restore that balance. The other is permanent banishment from Sheshawnii, loosing any claim to their lands or family name. Banishment is very rare, however, and only once has it happened. It was so serious, however, the name was removed from any transcripts.

The second taboo also involves reincarnation. It is because of this belief that eating meat, especially at feasts, is viewed in poor taste. While eating meat is commonly practiced, the idea is based on the knowledge that everything known comes from the land, and upon death, you return to the land. By eating meat, you run the risk of possibly eating reincarnated friends and family.
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