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Letter 2: Spear

Good Sir,

I hope this letter finds you well in these troubled times. My name is Torin, I am a Magus residing at the Mages' Guild in Kos. I am aware that the Mages' Guild has brought most of the calamity that these lands suffer. I myself played an unwitting role in the release of Nemesis across our lands. I wish to atone for my part in this.

I am in great need of a spear of the utmost quality. I was here in Kos during the last Great Faire when your spear won the blacksmith's competition. I hope you have not lost your touch, as the fate of our lands may depend on it. Should you accept this task, your spear would be judged by the heavens themselves.

The spear should be only five feet long. The shaft of the spear needs to be white, except for the edging which can be metallic/grey. Whether you can color the metal, or use some other material, matters not. Aside from your mark on the shaft of the weapon, the decoration the sword can have is a grey equilateral triangle, which you must work into the shaft somehow(it cannot be the spearhead). The spear must be of the utmost quality. Our world depends on it.

One more thing. During the creation of this spear, you must, in your mind, think a word with every strike of the hammer. The word should be that of a trait you find admirable. Do not write nor etch this word on the spear in any way. Some day, when this is all over, if we survive, I would very much like to know what the word was.

Lastly, if your work is worthy, it will become readily apparent to you that this spear will not break under normal circumstances. In fact, something very specific will need to happen to the spear for it to ever be destroyed. This will make itself evident to you. I would ask that you keep this a secret, as the knowledge could be used by our Enemy to undo what we strive to do.

- Torin, Magus
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