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Note to Faelinn Afterward

Type of Missve: Paper Letter
Date: May 1006
Responses: none
Lady Faelinn, Ambassador to Fae from Ivory:

I spoke that Dahal wrote this song for my King, but that
is untrue. I have strange dreams that I can barely
remember, dreams of wonderful times and terrible things.
I can see far back, and I know not why. I know that some
mortals and fairies are more happy when I sing, and others
grow angrier in my direction. I also know that I am not
all here or, to use words of my father, sick.

To use bigger words, I find it ironic that many risked their
lives, their souls, and even their moral codes to break
open Bedlam and release that which was within, including
to rescue myself, and still what was completed did not
complete me. However, to quote Duke Mercutio, I do not
know who I am, and I do not know who I brought back with me.

It is my hope, regardless, that on this cycle I can change
things for the better for my king. With the help of the True
Fae court, I will serve my people to the best of my ability,
and may no sickness hinder my walk alongside them.

I wrote this song, because I was inspired to speak out about
these memories, but I do not know if they are mine specifically,
another me, or another fae, and you know of whom I speak. It
is rattling to think such things, because it has been told
time and again that she was lost and cannot cycle.

I do not know what else to pen, so I'll end this here.

In service,
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