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Prayers of the Misguided

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: Dark Dissent 1
Date: Unknown at this time
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
Aurora - Yours is the light so bright that it blinds. We give to you our most pure and innocent. By their accession can they be truly chosen and in their accession may they summon our spirit guardians to protect us.

Luna - Our patron and divine guide. Just as the moon changes, so must we. As you push yourself to change, so must we. To this we commit our flesh as canvas. We shall change and grow stronger.

Gray Man - Guide of the dead. In icy waters we are carried away to the afterlife. Your hand holds us under as the river takes us away. However now is not our time. We confront our death and bring back a piece so we may not forget.

Gaia - Mother of all things. We pay tribute to you. Accept this offering so we may pass. By this gift do we feed our offspring so that they may grow and defend us.
Tags: Personal Account, Non-Player Character
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