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October 1003
The time draws near.
The sword is not yet replaced.
The ritual is not yet confirmed.
The third piece is not yet found.

If I cannot make the quest.
If Radstar's sword cannot make the quest.
If the three things above are not completed....

Then Darksoul cannot be destroyed.

By the time most of you get this there will only be 5 days before you seek out the Demon.
You will fail.

I will mourn you.

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1003

I know there is a gathering taking place this coming Saturday in Tuath Fasach.
I am going to attempt to destroy Darksoul.

I will need fortune tells to help me locate the "soul"...the third and final piece of Darksoul.
I will also need fortune tells to help me discern the truth of the ritual I have found.

If you wish to aid me in my quest to destroy Darksoul please meet me in Tuath Fasach.

If anyone is in contact with Radstar please inform him that Twenaria has offered to trade the Earthblade for Darksoul, as per my agreement with both Sir Radstar and King Jarrod.

I have the body.
The soul is missing.
Radstar has the mind.

But without all three present we cannot destroy the Demon.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Slaader of Grimloch
Servant of Justari
Chosen of the Castle of Light
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1003
Subject: The Third Piece of Darksoul

To All,

Whoever has the third piece of Darksoul, the black demon's soul, has until midnight on Monday evening to contact me.
You can then explain to me why it is that you took the item from Trent Shadowdragon, the appointed guardian of the item.

After midnight if I am not contacted I will seek out other means of finding you, and retrieving the item.

Slaader of Grimloch
Paladin of Justari
The person who took the soul is a coward and a thief. If you are not going
to trust me then you should have had the courage to stand before me and tell
me so. When next I don't help the heroes of the Realms you will be the one
to blame.

Rest assured I will find you, and you will answer to me.

As always, Trent's words are as strong and harsh as Achorian coffee. However, he is
right. If a "hero" of the Realms stole the soul, after the paladins of Justari, Slaader,
and the questing group all chose Trent to bear it, then it was a selfish and cowardly act
even if it was done with the best of intentions. Give it back to the rightful bearer, so
we can get on with destroying this demon.

Nero the Observer
Trent and all
The third peice of Darksoul has been found and was
turned into me by a third party. It is safe, and at
the next gathering will be placed where it belongs.
Thank you for you concerns.

Interesting, but I don't see how this has anything to do with my last

The more energy I put into finding out who took it, the worse it will be for

This missive asks me to trust you, when you do not trust me. That is

People speak at great length about how we all need to cooperate to help the
Realms. Roads had been made in that direction. Now those same roads are
crumbling, I hope you are all happy with what you have wrought.

In as much as it matters, I was responsible for relieving you of your
burdern, Trent. It seemed to me a mighty task was laid on you and you
buckled, leaving the treasured component of DarkSoul upon a table for
all to witness or walk away with. I saw it safely conducted into hands
that would know how to respect such a charge. And those hands are now
choosing to re-entrust you with it.

I've no doubt you will cry a sour river of dissent for this bitter
betrayal. Other eyes may have judged you fit. They do say, however,
that justice is quite blind. Blame the rest of the realms, if you wish, or
as you are so fond of sarcastically labeling them: "the Heroes". But
by all means, avoid your own culpability therein. Your furthered
petulance in this matter will serve your chosen image well.

And if you're seeking comeupance, or even something so paltry as an
explanation, I dutifully suggest you stand down. You simply can't yell
loud enough, nor swing hard enough to alter my resolve.

It was done.

I don't need to yell, or swing, to prove my point here. You have done a good
job of that for me. You can keep the soul if you wish. I have done my part
to secure it, and have no driving need to play the hero.

I thank you for at least admitting to the deed. Though courage to my face is
quite different then courage over elf-mail.

I would also thank you for removing a momentary confusion from my brain.

I'll do all who'd read this a service this day. I won't insult their
intelligence and ability to read what you've stated as well as what I
have written. I will merely offer up a possible correction to your

There was no courage or cowardice in what I did. And my admittance is
merely afterthought. It's a very small thing to me, this matter of
taking the coveted piece of DarkSoul. Not unlike putting one foot in
front of another on a long journey. Rhetorically, what was bearing said
item to you?

Trent and Reeve,

Having seen a bit of each of your sides of this, I thought I would offer an observation.
Or, perhaps, simply my perspective.

Trent seemed to believe that the soul was stolen out of a somewhat secured collection of
his personal belongings, inside the tavern at Victory. From that point of view, someone
went out of their way to relieve him of an item he deserved to safeguard.

Reeve, on the other hand, saw the item in plain sight and felt it was not safe. If he
saw it on a table, then perhaps Trent was mistaken about where he left it, or it was
moved. Either way, he took it so that it would be safe, not just to keep it out of
Trent's hands.

Both positions seem reasonable. Expending energy, even if you claim it isn't a lot, to
argue with one another is just the kind of distraction that our enemies love to see. The
soul will be returned to Trent. If he was careless with it, I bet he will be more careful
with it from here on. No harm, no foul. Let's get back to work.

Nero the Observer

So in the same thread as not insulting anyone's intelligence, did you not
think maybe people would be interested in knowing it's whereabouts, or at
least knowing that it was safe?

I find it hard to believe that thought never crossed your mind.

The issue lies here:
People take risks and give of themselves, as Trent did
here. They go on journeys, missions, and quests to
back up other people at their requests and for their
aid. When someone who is supposedly an ally in the
cause that you are aiding takes advantage of a
situation to break that trust, as his death was taken
advantage of to have that trust broken by an 'ally',
then it becomes hard to remember why we do these
things for people on request.
The 'good guys' can only screw someone who is helping
them over so many times before attitudes change,
resentment and anger come through, and chaos and
darkness move in.
Look into the havens of chaos and darkness, and often
you will be looking into the faces of those you have
pushed away and abused.
We can hope that there is a way to bring people from
the anger and the F.T.R. attitude. I have to believe
that those who resent or despair can find the light.
Maybe, though, 'the light' should reach out to them
instead of slapping the hand outstretched in aid.

Sir Guilliam
The line of public missives ends here.
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