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Catacombs underneath rhiassa on 11/14/09.

1. Repair Weapon. 3 uses.
As per repair Item, but only works on weapons.

2. Selfish Heal Limb. 5 words.
Otherwise, as per heal limb.

3. Parial Raise dead.
As per raise dead, but the person is raised without their limbs.

4. Improved armor cloak.
As per armored cloak, but can be stacked once with armored cloak.

5. Muddle. 1 use; 30 words and must be able to describe the spell effect and where it's originating from.
Disrupts a spell and that learning can not be used again for the event until that spell is reset.

6. Sacrifice - 30 words. Uses: 1 AC: place hands on target for 60 seconds.
Take all wounds onto yourself.

7. Soul Link. 1 use, 40 words.
Create a soul link between caster and recipient. Both may cast spells on oneself to affect the other. If the spell ends forcibly, both are scalped. Must be a willing subject.
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