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In the early days of this mission, certain patients had been under a stricter supervision due to an increase in recorded cases of emotionally unstable personality disorders characterized vy symptoms such as hypomania, hallucinogenic episodes, or intermittent explosive disorders. The first recorded case of these symptoms was exhibited by Patient number 00137, henceforth referred to as '137'. At the first arrival of the Miles Militis Sanguineus, '137' was admitted to the care of the mission due to profuse wounding leading to an inability to travel. The wounds were deemed incurable by magical or natural means by the mission's elder healer at the time. After the remainder of the Miles Militis Sanguineus had left the mission, '137' had begun to show signs common to debilitated military personnel. Subsequent observations of '137' lead to a psychological diagnosis of traumatic war neurosis after he exhibited recurring nightmares of the battle that led to his condition. Other patients from the same order admitted at the time exhibited, on rare occasions, delusional episodes where they claimed to have seen demonic apparitions walking through the mission and attending to the patients.

Recently, patients are still presenting episodes of psychotic delusions characterized by the manifestation of a demonic persona. To determine if these incidents are related to mass hysteria, patients have been isolated to the lower levels of the mission for observation. Currently under study is Patient number 52985, of choleric humor, admitted for cases of acute delusions and general choleric behavior. Isolation from the other patients has only seem to exacerbate the onset of demonic visions. Treatment

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