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Dreaming: Creativity

This was a path called creativity:

1. Illuminating Though-
one light prop

2. Summon a weapon:
Summons a weapon outside of your weapon's restriction which doesn't count as a weapon (it was a balloon sword). Any blow not felt, doesn't count.

3. Gift of the muse:
verbal: 40 words, appropriate to the target
Restore some of the person

4. 1 casting of cantrip

5. Solution to Writer's block.
3 calls of "mug" while searching

6. Imaginary Friend
Familiar, as per the spell

7. First round's on the house
When in a tavern environment, ask the barkeep for one favor
Tags: Regional Magic
Created by Janus Kil'tra (Chris Donnelly) at 06-05-09 06:27 PM
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