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Cover Letter

Author: Maudlin
Date: unknown
My Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well. The past months have found us fine fellows very busy, and I hope that my pigeons of our communications have proven fruitful. I have only sent along that which might be of interest to you.
The rest of this package is magically sealed to protect the contents from scrying. This is the only major information package I will be able to send to you - you are on your own from here on out. Once you open the package - and I encourage you to do so as soon as possible - I will likely be found out and punished for betraying the order. There is o rule against helping you on your quest - but there are rules about giving you information from our libraries. I will likely see you again, but let it suffice to say that my library privileges will be revoked for the foreseeable future.
Let me be clear - this is everything I could find of use in the library. After you read this, you will know everything I do. From here on out, you will need to find out any information on your own.
Now, let's get to work on cracking this crazy place open,
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