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PINK JASMINE - Growth through pleasure; relinquishing pain, sensitivity, intimacy, sexuality.
POPPY - Consolation of sleep.
PRIMROSE - Early youth and sadness.
RHODODENDRON - Danger; beware
ROSE - Love
ROSE GERANIUM - Draws beauty into one's life.
SNAPDRAGON - Presumption
SNOWDROP - Hope; Consolation.
SPRING CROCUS - Youthful gladness
STRAWBERRY - Draws sweetness and playfulness into one's life.
SUNFLOWER - False riches.
TULIP, RED - Declaration of Love.
TULIP, YELLOW - Hopeless love.
VIOLET, BLUE - Faithfulness.
VIOLET, YELLOW - Rural happiness.
WATER LILY - Eloquence; Purity of heart.
WHITE DAISY - "I will think on it."
WISTERIA - "Welcome, fair stranger at my circle."
YELLOW DAY LILY - Flirtations; Coquetry
ZINNIA - Thoughts of absent friends; repels jealousy or greed.

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