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Order of the Hammer

Author: unknown
Place/Gathering Discovered: abandoned Tyran outpost, the Black Tower
Date: 11/6/1004
Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon
The Code and Doctrine of the Order of the Hammer

Each one of out orders has a sworn purpose to be a trait of ....

We, the Order of the Hammer, are the faithful, dispensin...
his justice where needed.

Our Brother Orders are of the Sword (Honor) and of the Staff (S...

1. Tyr is the one truth, follow his codes and scribe the words on you heart and in your mind.

2. We are the Healers, the Doctors, the soothsayers. It is our purpose to assist the Staff and Sword in the smiting of our enemies in Tyr's name.

3. You shall place no mortal man on equal with the might Tyr.

4. All glory and honor before and after every day must be given to Tyr, the one who has allowed us this day of life and light.

5. Do not lie or cheat your fellow brothers.

6. Marry only if your lust endangers your life of service, otherwise keep yourself pure and whole for Tyr's work.

7. ANything blessed by the Head of the Order is a Sacred Relic with Tyr's Favor, treat it as holy.

8. DO not curse your enemies' god in your hearts not spirits nor mind, for Tyr does not acknowledge any other and therefore we also do not acknowledge the heretical teachings of 'other gods".

9. In the last month of harvest, a sacrifice and holy day is set aside for Tyr's celebration in enlightening us. The Order of the Hammer must be of sound mind, heart, and body at all times.
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