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Metron's Notes on Ally & Foe

By request, these were given to me to share with the Ivory library upon my visit here. I have not changed the spelling nor the way he writes. By the way, this is very, very long. About forty-four pages worth. - Sir, KoEF, April 03, 1008 M.R.

Those marked with an "N" upon their hand are posessed by Nemisis Finally, should it ever be useful to you; my understanding is that Nemisis's true name is "demon prince Maciavelli".

Dirk Coville was forced to swear feality to the Nameless One

it takes Silver weapons to wound shadowbeasts, but less well known is that light spells repel shadowbeasts,
The Grey Company has been sending encoded messages, a pattern, and a chess piece to 14 people who were critical in repelling the Nameless one at The Lost Gate and War of the Avatars.

The runes say, the 'black bishop' and her pawns must be turned to our side so that the 'black knight' will be somewhat hampered; Seek the Queen's sister (and Lady Anne is the white queen), the old king's son, or the secret keeper (which MAY be Stray Grub); and that the patterns are really important. Unfortunately, the patterns defy analysis.
The patterns consist of connected straight lines. One possibly interesting property is that they can all be drawn without lifting one's pencil from the page. Theories that have been suggested but have NOT worked are that the patterns represent chess moves, or that the patterns are 2-dimensional views of one 3-dimensional pattern.
IN the December 1993 View, there was a message from 'the Servant' that advised us to find a weapon, the secret, and the past of the Nameless One. I hypothesise that the weapon refered to is the weapon in six pieces of which 3 pieces were recovered at The War of The Avatars. The Servant suggested we discover info by talking to the dead or reading the wall, presumably the wall in the Lost gate. Did anyone get a good look at it?
People who got messages and the associated chess pieces:

Stray Grub White pawn
Malabar white bishop
Pyr Thalax white rook
Cinnibar black pawn
Randal green bishop
Topknot black pawn
Tetch green pawn
Gwen white Pawn
Trianna green pawn
Shane white rook
Lady Anne white queen.

Since Lady Anne is the white Queen, the refrance to the the queens
sister is probably Sir Myrial. The secret keeper is probably Stray Grub.
The Green Bishope is Randell.
Pay attention to what the Gray Company refers to each of them. I think it is
significant as to there role in all this.

Sir Shane: White (King's) Rook
Lion Heart,
Kings rook, stand strong as you always have and perhaps you may
win back the now dark queen.
The Gray Company

Stray Grub: White Pawn
Look in the view, October, March, years 3 and 4. Missives. Rember
the lost Gate.
The Gray Company

Malabar: White Bishope
Hold fast. Protect the Pawns.
The Gray Company

Cinnibar: Black Pawn
Black Guard,
Even rogues have their honor.
The Gray Company

Gwen: White Pawn
Even the lowest of pawns can become a queen.
The Gray Company

Triana: Green Pawn
You hold the pattern. May you find that truth.
The Gray Company

Topknot: Black Pawn
Beware, anger is the easyist to out whit, the quickest to bend to
anothers will.
The Gray Company

Randell the Light: Green (King's) Bishope
King's Bishope, if you act quickly the blck bishope and her paws
may be turned to your side. Work toward her capture. With the bishope on
your side, the black knight will be some what hampered, without all will
surly perish.
The Gray Company

Sir Pyr Thalax: White (Queen's) Rook
Queens Rook, help the greep bishope in his quest, it may be the
only way to save your queen. Seek the queens sister, the old king's son
or the secret keeper. Perhaps they can help you. Know you that the key to
all things lie in the paters they make, but sometimes the heart is the
greates key of all.
The Gray Company

Tetch: Green Pawn
Did not receive a message. She just got a chess piece and a pattern.

Lady Anne: White Queen
This is no longer a guess. I talked to her at the Feast of chimron
and she is the white queen.

Zermarx is a knight, or more accurately a fallen paladin.

I don't know how much zermarx and the nameless one are attached, but I
did hear tetch upset about things in the new view and have a memory of a
rumor that zermarx and the nameless one might be working together, or at
least it would be really bad if they did.

Missing pieces of goodness:
The King
2 knights
2 pawns

Thoughts - there are 14 patterns, but 16 pieces per side.
If the Nameless one is one pattern, the patterns might symbolize our foe.
could there be only a white queen and a black king? w. no
appropriate pawn that would be 14 pieces per side. That would make the
Nameless one the Black king, and the Kings son = the nameless one's
son. Also, where does the Avatar fit in exactly? Could he be a Black
knight or what? What are we missing?
  • *********************

    There may be a pattern in the names that the people who
    recieved pieces were called.
    Sir Shane - Lion Heart
    Stray Grub - Secret
    Malabar - Shield
    Cinnibar - Black Guard
    Gwen - Squire
    Triana - Seeress
    Topknot - Vengeance
    Sir Randall - Shadowing
    Pyr Thalax - Dragon
    Tetch - ?
    Lady Anne - ?
    Or perhaps it could just be remarks about their personal
    But maybe these words have other meanings hidden behind them, they may
    even be another riddle.
  • *********************

    The black bishop and her
    pawns are almost certainly Marie and her five gargoyles, which explains
    Lady Anne's vision of Gargoyles. If you recall, one of the reasons we
    entered the lost gate was to retreive the Gargoyle hearts to return compassion
    to them and make them good guys again. This would fit in perfectly with
    Randal's message- he was told to turn the black Bishop to our side, which
    would hamper the dark knight. It seems clear that we must re-unite the Gargoyls
    and Marie with their hearts, which will bring them to our side.
    As for the identity of the other side's chess pieces, I would guess
    that the following would be on the chessboard, but in what positions we can
    only guess.
    Nameless one (king?)
    Skullkrusher, the Avatar.
    Marie and her Gargoyles, as described above.
    Zallord shadowright.

    If a shipwright is someone who builds ships, a shadowright is...?
  • *********************

    I have had discussions with the female necromancer of which you speak.
    When I asked her name, she told me to call her Moriah. She did seem a
    bit detached.

    As for her nature, I am not sure. Human, maybe once, but no longer.
    She led me by the hand through the battlesight near the end of the
    Death Bunnies weekend, until I decided to try to kill her. She was
    at that time immune to wood, steel, and silver, magic and poison.

    For those that it matters to, know that she has the knowldge of how
    to disrupt spells, as she dirupted my Circle, and can likely disrupt
    other Protections.
  • *********************

    Pol Coville was also in the dungeon at Lost Gate as a werewolf.
    Mariah was able to command the Vampires (Lance & co.) and they
    seemed to know her.
    That book we found I thought had a way to kill her. and a whole
    lot of other important stuff.
  • *********************

    at the Lost Gate
    event, I participated in the ritual towards the end of the
    event....here's what I have at this moment, I may have to dig into my
    spell/diary/log book later for more information.

    > > Up until recently I thought the great spell that was cast at the
    > > end of the day was to close the gate. It was not. The gate is still open
    > > and the spell did something else.
    > > What did the spell do?
    > > What was the name of the spell?
    > > We must ask people who were there, like Dee, or Malabar. I think they
    > > solved the thing.
    The ritual was said to seal the gate once again and keep TNO trapped
    forever, or so I was told. At the time, I knew not who we were
    fighting or imprisoning, jsut that it was an incredible threat to the
    The ritual required an equal number if fighters, healers, and
    mages. All within certain circles of protection. The fighters outside
    all the circles for undead swarmed out of the dungeon to try and spot
    us. The spellcasters were all within the first circle, alternating
    mage, healer, etc... Mages faced outward, healers faced inward. Then a
    single cirlce of protection in the middle with the monkey statue
    inside of it. I heard mention that the statue was the actual prison or
    that it was the host/body of the being. (I was never clear about that)
    Of the people involved I will try and create a list.
    Myself, Quick, Taithan, Malabar, Curly Grub, Adyan(?)...that is all I
    can remember off-hand, I will consult my book and get back if I have more.
    This ritual was supposedly in accordance with the deal made to
    Marie and the Gargoyles...seeing as we did not come through on that
    deal, it may have removed a piece from the Ritual.

    I was also wondering, is Marie, the same as Moriah?
    If these are the same, then I beleive that retrieving the hearts
    may help our cause.

    > > Triana should know much. She managed to stay alive in the dungeon
    > > a long time by beging alone and unarmed. Surprisingly nothing in the
    > > prison touched her. I have talked with her. She has not told me anything
    Apparently there was an old man in the dungeon who claimed that it was
    his home. WE were intruding upon his home with weapons. All those who
    raised weapons against him and his home were executed. Her being
    unarmed saved her life and allowed her greater access. All who entered
    and died became undead servants to slaughter our next band of fellows,
    sometimes some of the undead wandered out and attacked outside the dungeon.

    > > Apparently there was a treasure roon that was hard to get to. It
    > > probably contained the gargoyle hearts and other significant items. There
    > > was also a librbay filled with scrolls, perhaps magic perhaps historical.
    > > I do not know.
    I know that many things were there. I saw a scroll of protection form
    dragon breath that passed through my hands at that event, perhaps it
    came from the treasure room or elsewhere. I know that for a short time
    my spell focus was transported to the treasure room, but Bandai and
    his father(?) made it in there and retrieved it for me (for a price,
    grrr). Perhaps they could share information....

    > I got the Brass monkey, which was offered by one of the Gargoyles.
    > I traded it to Sloan 12fingers, (stray Grub's former name) for the riddle
    > papers. So, Stay Grub definetly knows the fate of the Brass Monkey, and
    > probably something about that ritual, too.
    I have already described some of what I know of the monkey and the
    ritual above...perhaps Sloan/Stray knows more...

    > > Bascilisc, a Savage Beast wich could be held at bay if you sang, a wierd
    > > blue thing, and a Unicorn named Jaymir. The one that helped Tetch escape
    > > and is now with Raven spying on TNO's fortress. All that
    > > I know about the war was that the orcs won by hiding, while the people of
    > > the realms killed the other teams. Now Skullcrusher of Klan Kurian is the
    > > new Orc Avatar. On the bright side if one of the more powerful teams won
    > > we would be in bigger trouble.
    I was readign through some of my older views earlier today...many of
    these names are quite familiar...popping up in many of the missives. I
    suggest we all do some historical reading of what we have.

    > > have been tossed back and fourth between Shadow Wright, Childrak,
    > > and Skullcrusher, and member of the realms such as Topknot, Lady Anne,
    > > Sir Pyr, and Malabar. Raven reports that Zermarx's forces attacked TNO's
    > > fortress and were repulsed by the changelings.
    I notice that those involved int eh threat tossing also possess chess
    pieces. Perhaps more of us should threaten the enemy?
  • *********************

    Lady Anne contacted us last night and confirmed two things that
    had been deduced before. First, she more fully described her vision. In
    her vision, she saw that it was a full-sized board, and that there where
    white, black, and green pieces on our side. Furthurmore, our side was
    complete EXCEPT we didn't have a king. Thus there are a few pieces out
    there we don't know about. She saw, on the other side, an ugly woman in
    the bishop's position, with gargoyls as pawns near her. This confirms the
    gargoyls + Marie = pawns + bishop theory.
    Secondly, she had received a coded, runic message as the others have.
    And a new pattern. I'll post the exact wording of her message later, but the
    important points were these: Anne was refered to as Tetch's mother's name
    in the letter, confirning the theory that she is haunted/contacted/whatever
    by Tetch's mother. As a final note, for the first time one of the Gray company signed
    his/her name - Tanis.

    Meq the Dark Queen?
    Also, inreference to the Squire comment, I realize that it was
    mainly aimed at Gwen , but does the possibiulity exist that Kali will be
    grabbed as Black Queen's pawn?
  • *********************

    Here is the transelation of Lady Anne's message, as promised. In
    the original, some words were crossed out. Crossed out words will be shown
    in brackets []:

    [pure-one], Torrel, lady,
    I pray we again meet the challenge before us. I fear the soulblade must be
    reforged and it's creator destroyed. Even though such destruction would mar
    our very souls...
    And Lady, the Savage t'would pay court to your voice should you call him - and I fear in the battle ahead your voice may be the greatest weapon you hold.
    Take care my, [heart] Souls Twin,
    [The Gray Company]

    As I said before, Torrel is Tetch's mother's first name.
    Clearly it must
    be fixed, obviously, but destroying it's creator is problamatical. Do we know
    who the creator is? And marring our souls isn't a great proposition, either.
    The Savage is indoubtably the Savage Beast, who would hold off if one sang, and
    who obeyed Lady Anne at the WAr of the Avatars.

    Earlier, someone posted something about Tormac's ashes. I just got a
    message solving the mystery of what Childrak was after in the Treasure room.
    Childrak at the lost gate wanted Tormac's remains. The ashes were not only
    Tormac's boyd but his _soul_ was in there, too! Could the original poster
    repeat + add anything known about Tormac? He may be a potential ally that
    Childrak wanted as a trophy, or perhaps he was an ally of Childrak. I'd like
    to find out about Tormac with the thought of maybe raising him, after a careful
    check to see whose side he's on. Perhaps he's a member of the gray company?
    Does anyone know what became of those ashes?
    The ashes are in a small wax sealed urn, I'm told. Well, another day,
    another clue to follow up on.
  • *********************

    According to legend,
    Tormak was the champion of The Nameless One during the old war centuries
    ago. He was a great troll (bigger and nastier than any seen before) and
    had exsisted for years before he became the champion. apparently when he
    became the champion, his power was boosted to near god-like proportions
    and was nigh invulnerable. With all this power, he supposedly kicked a
    lot of ass.
    That is about all I know and I think most of it was fabricated to
    scare little children into bing good.
  • *********************

    My mistake - I had forgotten the Troll Avatar's name. Well, clearly
    we don't want to raise him! That's what Childrak wanted to do. I've inquired,
    and as long as the urn remains sealed, Tormac's soul is trapped and he can't be raised. And Eldritch was the last person seen with the urn.
    As a side note, Tormac's body is in ashes because he was slain by the
    flaming swords Smaug + Fafner.
  • *********************

    There is probably a reason that The Grey Company send their messages
    in code, and the fact that the messanger (Chirp?) had a light spell around her
    neck implies that the Grey Company fears that their missives can be intercepted,
    and a message to the View will certainly be notices by TNO. Thus, do not write
    a missive to the View UNLESS it is in the code that the Gray Company used. Code
    available upon request. Furthermore, do NOT adress the missive to Tanis, adress
    it to The Gray Company, because clearly we don't want to screw over the only
    member of the Gray company whose identity we know.
    The Gray company clearly wants us to win, and are probably helping us as much as they can. A missive can be useful, but only if we ask intelligent
    questions, and I'm not sure we know enough to ask intelligent questions.

    The following people might be pieces:
    Tir O'Shean, because overheard Tetch saying Tir smelled like her mom;
    Tardell, because he was as important a gaurdian to Anne as Pyr was;
    they might have gotten messages, but this is just some educated guessing.
  • *********************

    Tormac = Last Avatar of Nameless One (Troll)
  • *********************

    The Gnoll's name is Araka, and he serves the
    blind seeress, the same one that we protected from the Kobold army at the end
    of War of the Avatars. When showed up, Araka gave him a packet
    containing a story, and scrolls giving clues to the nature of the patterns that
    have so obsessed to solve, and scrolls of historical value that refer to
    the last war against The Nameless One, 300 years ago.
    Here is what I learned from Araka. My next message will include summary of his packet. Keep in mind that Araka was remembering what he had
    overheard from the Seeress, so it's thirdhand info, and not necissarily accurate.
    I got the position of most of the chess pieces. Neither side has a king and the other side is also missing a rook. On our side, I was able to get the
    position of each specific person, with the exceptions of some of the pawns-
    Araka couldn't remember. Annoyingly, he couldn't identify the 2 knights that
    we don't know yet. Except I forgot to say- Lady Anne asked Eldritch, and he
    is the green knight. We're looking foreward to hearing what his message is.
    I was happy to hear a theory of mine confirmed- when I saw green pieces,
    I expected to see red pieces too. Araka said that one of our pawns was red, and
    several pieces on the other side were red, too. He said something relating red
    pieces to the Dampyl, but that wasn't clear.
  • *********************

    > The first of the papers was a story about chirp. The messenger of
    > the Gray Company. It was about an incedent she had with some of TNO's
    > servants while delivering her missives. She was helped by a valient
    > gnoll;, a fighter with dark hair, a blue tunic, and a shield with the
    > sigil of magic, music, and war on his shield;, and the savage beast. This
    > was writen rather recently.
    The story says that Chirp's name is 'Lilandra Saveck Nalethali', or
    Lil for short. The Valiant Gnoll is Araka, which reminds me- there will be
    some monsters helping the blind Seeress, and we should be sure not to kill
    them as they are really on our side: Araka (the gnoll without a polearm),
    Jamyir (the unicorn), and the savage beast(sing if it attacks you). Finally,
    judging from the heraldry on the shield, and knowing tetch's heraldry, the
    fighter can only be Stormbringer, Tetch's son and guardian of the Northern
    > About half the old scrolls were about the patterns and the other
    > half were old messages to and from TNO and his servants from the last war,
    > 300 years ago.
    > They are rather interesting they give some indication of the
    > importance of the pattern and a little information about the game we are
    > playing. Yes it is a game to some. The scrolls read:
    > To all things there is a pattern
    > Understanding a pattern brings power
    > Control of a pattern is absolute
    > Patterns within patterns hold vast power
    > The truth of a pattern will influence the game
    > Construct your own pattern and enter the game
    > Conceal your pattern at all costs
    > Surrender your pattern and all will be lost
    > Each of these lines was on a separate scroll. I have since
    > destoryed all my extra coppies of the patters I had made to give to other
    > sages to help me solve them. It will hence forth be up to the holder of
    > their pattern to decide who should be able to wrok with them. I know this
    > is against my normal "share all info" polocy but this information is
    > dangerous for our pieces.
    > Here are the old letters:
    > Dearest Master
    > My spies in the north tell me that the other players can not
    > oppose your bid for power, yet. Make haste to take the White Queen with
    > your Bishope, but hold your knight in reserve else the rook may block your
    > path...
    > Your Most Humble Servant
    > My Dearest Child,
    > My thanks to you for that most timely advice. With the white
    > queen in my hand, the king is at my mercy. My pawns are burning the board
    > even as I write. As for the rook, his heart and life's blood was the
    > finest meal I have had since the beginning of the game, it is a pity you
    > missed it my sweet...
    > Your Master
    > Dearest Master,
    > I fear the news I now send you bodes ill for our cause. Though
    > perhaps this new pattern may serve to strengthen your own. My
    > interogation of the white queen proved fruitless until she saw your mark
    > on the king, a sight that still sends shivers up and down my spine. To
    > her credit. She maintained her composure, but the fires of her spirit
    > died quickly thereafter. From her mind I was able to learn many secrets
    > of the north. The board is set with many strong pieces, most prominent
    > being a valarian bishope which seems to mask the pawns and the black
    > king. The sky above the field is lit by two suns, and the black queen
    > wields the dragon spear. Perhaps it would be wise if you were to wait for
    > the red mage to join you before taking position on the board. We have
    > come too far in the game to risk loosing your knight now.
    > Your Most Humble Servant
    > My Dearest Child
    > This Prison they have placed me in is too strong for me to escape
    > from. The magics holding me here far transcend even my understanding. The
    > amount of power it has taken just to send this missive to you has left my
    > reserves almost dry. But rest assured my little one, the time will be
    > soon when I burst these bonds and have my revenge on the pure one and the
    > black king. Until that time though, you must continue working where I
    > left off, the new avatar must be ready on my return! The game may be over
    > for now, but soon it will begin again and I do not intend to loese again.
    > Your Master
    > My Dearest Child
    > The game is over. My knight lies dead at the feet of the black
    > king, and the black queen grievously wounded me with the dragon spear.
    > The red mage was on the board when I set my pieces down, but his head on
    > the black king's belt did me no good. With my pieces gone, I have become
    > the hunted and I see no escape from the hounds of the pure one. If only I
    > could hold you in my arms once more my love...
    > Your Master, Loser Of The Game
    The 'dearest child' mentioned may not necissarily be offspring. He
    is probably referring to either CHILDre or CHILDrak.
    > This tells us a little how the game was played last time. The
    > pieces are still being set dowm for our game. It also appears some of the
    > pieces change sides now and then. This means do not sucume to the dark
    > side and learn of ways to persuade TNO's peices to our side, or destroy
    > them. I do not know what the Dragon Spear is. If we see one we should try
    > to get it. It obviously makes a piece more effective. Perhaps it is the
    > chess counterpart to the SoulBlade.


    The only other thing of note which I can think of is the tome which I
    ended up possessing, if not the other way around. It is a book of
    power which allows a Guilded spellcaster to sacrifice spells to gain
    the use of a longer weapon. Likewise, a fighter may choose to weild
    shorter weapons to gain the ability to use spells in the book. It
    seems that the book was used by a Sprigan of the Twilight lands to
    help defend his people. Several other races had similar items. It
    seems to affect people's behavior, although I am not yet certain how.
    Queen Meg found herself in possession of it first, and was frantic to
    get it back, to the point of misleading Sir Duncan Conrad into
    breaking Byron out of the Circle he was bound in with it, and killing
    me. So far, the only effect is a sense of desire of retention of the
    book. I will let you know as I find out more about it.
  • *********************

    We must remember that although
    the Gargoyls fought with us at Trial of the Avatar, this was on Marie's
    urging, and we still need to get their hearts back - In a dream-walk,
    learned that one of the gargoyl-pawns was changed from white
    to black - did the Nameless one find the heart? We probably need to
    beat him, or rather, HER, to it.
  • *********************

    It appears that some of the Nameless One's troops have the power
    to ressurect all of the nameless one's troops by having a piece of the
    Nameless One's banner or even just his symbol, in their presence. At
    Creathorn a ShadowBeast (perhaps even a dead shadowbeast!) raised the
    rest of them so they had to be slain again.
  • *********************

    The Nameless One's pattern is of his true name,
    :but because of the way it's drawn (in a loop), one can't tell where to begin
    :the word, and thus we don't know the ORDER of the letters in his name.

    >From what you say, you know the order, but not the starting point.
    How long is it? One would assume that it must be pronouncible, even
    if not easily. With the order of the loop of letters we can make
    educated guesses at where it starts.
  • *********************

    A few minions of Zermarks were encountered at the North-South War.
    They fortold of his return. A wraith-vampire was also encountered. Daniel's
    magic poleaxe had no effect upon it. It is likely that this wraith-vampire
    thing is working for-with Zermarks. I recommend gathering a few maces and
    silvering some weapons. has compiled some information on Zermarks,
  • *********************

    vampire and it was sent by Zermarks. The vampire was wearing all black
    and had white hair, it appeared to be an old man; there was another
    creature which was it's polar opposite, this creature appeared as a
    young, female, faery dressed in white with black hair.
    This second creature was not a faery but a ghost. It was not
    aligned with Zermarks at all, in fact it feared the vampire greatly.
    The ghost passed along a story about of dragons, and related it to the
    swords Fafnir and Smaug. The faery also possessed a feather and a mask
    which allowed her to see the inner nature of people. For examples, it
    saw Carman as a cat (for he is I beleive a were-cat), McKrye as a wolf
    (It is my understanding that his people have a lineage that is tied
    with wolves somehow.), myself as a great many things and I was finally
    called 'broken.' The ghost meant no harm, but wished to aid us for the
    future. Perhaps we will see her again, she lost her memory int he
    process of tellign the story, but she thoguht her name may ahve been
    Later on in teh day, someone tried to steal the magic
    pole-axe. When I used my speak with dead upon the person it was
    confirmed that he was under possession by the vampire at the time. I
    would assume that because McKrye attacked the vampire with the
    pole-axe the vampire wished to have the weapon stolen and possibly
    I later spoke with the vampire, much to the disgruntlement
    of Sir Shane and Queen Meg. I had been speaking with both the ghost
    and the vampire off and on, against the warnings of my superiors. But,
    I made a deal with the vampire, that because I was courteous and
    unharmful to it, that I would be spared when the attacks of Zermarks
    came. Or at least the first attack. I do not know how honorable the
    vampire is, but if he is and holds to the bargain, then I will be
    unharmed by the undead and shall be of great assistance the the Realm
    at teh time of the attack. Many people were upset upon hearing that I
    had made a deal with the dark creature, but I did it for the good of
    the Realms.
    Ironhand, was aiding a couple of the undead creatures that had
    attacked during the day. At first I had believed him to be allied to
    Zermarks. Later he claimed to know nothing of Zermarks. How could one
    who has been in the Realms for so long not know of Zermarks? I myself
    had been away for nigh on a year, and yet I know much of Zermarks. I
    do not trust Ironhand, and feel that when next we meet Zermarks or his
    minions we should keep a close eye on Ironhand, if not a close sword.
    At the end of the event the ghost came to me and spoke with
    me. She said that the most powerful gift she had she ahd given to
    'us,' meaning all who were there. She then thanked me for being the
    one who paid most heed to her stories and warnings. She gave me a
    gift, a metal mask with which she was able to use her truesight
    abilities. Sadly enough the powers were her own and not those of the
    mask, so I do not have a special item, but perhaps someday it could be
    enchanted by her. She told me in the end that our most powerful weapon
    against the enemy is our ability to remember. I have her stories. I
    will remember them. I will write them down, and I will send them out
    to you all.

    Dugall Mortrass, who had the Shield of Gilmesh ,had it stolen from him
    on a quest.
  • *********************

    I found out a few interesting things at The Crystal Shard. For those of
    you who did not make it, Alcar Mortrass was released from that evil stick
    thing, along with a hadfull of nasty critters. Rumor has it that
    Arkydine the Chaos Dude was responsible for this occurance. Apparently
    these critters will be next appearing at Dark Vision about two weeks from
    now. I think they had something to do with the death of Alcar's parents,
    but I'm not exactly sure yet... Quick made an appearance as a Dog of
    War, but I'm not sure exactly what became of that because I was astrall
    at the time, but he did look rather normal later on during the weekend.
    We ended up fixing the Stick of Antioch by replacing one of the warp
    crystals and now it resides in the hands of Ironhand. This in and of
    itself is not a problem, but the fact that the crystal that we used
    contains a thousand lost souls kind of disturbs me..(it is not common
    knowledge that the crystal has a toy supprise and the owner would
    appreciate it if it were kept that way) There were also two occurences
    that kind of fucked The Clan up. First and most important in terms of
    percieved evilness was that Bane, newest clan member, decided that she
    wanted to run away and get drained into unlife by a vampire that was
    first encountered at Creathorn this year. I'm not sure if she actually
    did it, but she did look rather odd on Sunday morning.... Second was
    that Lady Alias was made princess of covntry (who knows what that
    means?). Um, other than that, it was pretty much business as usual.

    In regards to all the talk of patterns, I seem to recall some fragments
    of old legends which lend credence to the true name theory.
    Unfortunatly, the elders who told these stories are now all dead so we
    can't get any more from them. If you can find her, you might try asking
    Marie about them. She's been around so long she might know something
    about them or something.

    I'll try to stay in touch more than I have been, (though when the semester
    starts, I will probably have only weekend access to email) and I am most
    definitly showing up to Dark Vision if anyone needs to see me in person.
    Until then I will try to keep in touch via our message system.
  • *********************

    Yes, Alcar was freed from the Wand along with everyone else that was
    trapped inside it. I have an idea about a few of those people, but
    not many. It was also Arkadyne Ravenwood that attempted to "true Name"
    the Champion & banish him for a year. He didn't however, clarify one of
    the Champions years, or ours, so the Champion will most likely make
    an appearence at Dark Vision.

    If anyone has any questions about Alcar or His parents I will
    be glad to answer them if Alcar cannot.
    I have done much studying of Morgian Mortrass in the past few years, so
    I will try to help as best I can. Dugall also has some useful knowledge
    of the Mortrass family as well as a dagger of some sorts. He is not
    quite sure what it does yet, but we may find out.

    I will not be able to be at Dark Vision, so if I can be of any help
    beforehand, please do not hesitate to let me know. I also have
    a copy of the runes kicking around that weekend should anyone want them.
  • *********************

    We will also need a greater circle of protection to destroy him.

    Luithrien has been scalped by Caer Maugir

    A dark future was uncovered. This futher was lead by a Vladamir. He had a
    follower who was able to shatter opponents limbs, apparently at will and at
    great distance. To restore a shattered limb to use requires a healer to
    sacrifice all of their heal limbs for the remainder of the event. Others of
    his followers, the Achillies models seemed unstoppable, yet it was discovered
    that a blow to the back of their lower leg would kill them. Still others
    had 2 points of armor, and used armor-piercing weapons. Still more
    frightening, Merekat had choosen to follow this Vladamir, and further aid in
    scalping Dirk Coville. Dirk was latter restored. Apparently this future
    could take place 25 years from now.

    Sir Andor made a repeat appearance. Prior to his arrival several of us met
    with a 'man' named Greyfear. Greyfear, told several of us that his master
    once assisted Sir Andor destroy the Nightmare that once walked upon the earth.
    However, once defeated, the remains (possibly shadow) of the Nightmare stalked
    the valiant Sir Andor and eventually consumed him, making Andor the next
    Nightmare. Andor challenges people for their soul, and I believe that once
    he has a soul he must make these people fight for him to plague the living.
    Sir Andor is always followed by 'his shadow' which cast magics which aid
    Andor in his fights, much like a catalyst. Greayfear has stated that Andor has
    a master, and from what I have seen, I believe the 'shadow' to be it.
    Currently about 7 people are in jepeordy (sp?) of loosing their souls to Andor
    at the next Queen of Hearts, including Sir Daniel and Brawnwin. Greyfear,
    spoke that there are pages of a book that his master wrote which might tell
    us how to defeat Sir Andor. Pages of this book have a mark in their lower
    left hand corner. This mark looks like a 1 inch tall k with an extra small
    slash above the top diagonal slash in the k. This 'k' is also quite slender
    and written in black. At the top of this k are two small circles in green.
    It has been stated by Greyfear that "... the words (possibly 'text') means
    nothing." when refering to the pages of his master's book. Daniel seems
    determined to stop this Sir Andor. I believe that with the aid of that
    he might stand a chance. However, that would only delay the threat, and I
    believe that it is Andor's master, more than Andor that must be destroyed.

    Nemisis was ecountered. I know little more on the subject.

    Pol Coville still resides in the astral plane. He now has a weapon.
  • *********************

    Two Gargoyle hearts were recovred this weekend. For those who
    don't know the Hearts were removed by The Nameless One (TNO). If she gets
    them she will control the indesturctable creatures as minions. by
    returning thier hearts to them we restore thier compassion and free will.
    They may even be greatful enought to help us, but id be satisfied knowing
    thier safe from TNO.
  • *********************

    I have read the Girmantusz's spellbook, and this is a quick summary of
    what it said.

    To Kill Zermarx
    1) Set up a circle of protection with two circles joined as one
    around it and a greater circle around all three, but do not activate them.
    2) Lead Zermarx to the Circles with a True Name spell and his True Name.
    3) Enfeeble Zermarx Twice.
    4) Cast all of the circles (This and 3 may be switched. we will
    have to check the book again.)
  • ****
    The book says to close the circles right as soon as he passes.
    "he will most likely disrupt the lesser circles, but the greater should be able to hold him".
  • ****
    5) Place light spells in all directions around the circles.
    6) surround Zermarx and chant something from the book using the
    true name of his lord, Orange Robert Carrot Useless Saddle, get it?

    To do this, we still need to aquire a greater circle of protection
    and Zermarx's True Name.
    The three mages cannot use their circles at all until we kill Zermarx,
    as several of Zermarx's followers can cast Disrupt circle.

    To put Undead to Sleep
    A Magic Stone may be found that attracts Tree people that put
    Undead to sleep. This may or may not be available, but keep your eyes

    To un-animate undead in one fell swoop
    A Magic box exists that will destroy lots of undead if opened.
    This too may be a red herring, but we can keep our eyes open, eh?

    Zermarx's Powersource
    Negative Energy fuels Zermarx's Power. A gate to the Negative
    Plane will exist, and if we can close it, Zermarx's power will be reduced.
    Beware, DO NOT TOUCH THE GATE TO THE NEGATIVE PLANE!!!! It will be bad.

    Zermarx's Friends/ Enemies
    A Draco-liche exists that destroyed Zermarx's army last time. It
    may be around to help us....
    Zermarx's lover may exist, and she is why he turned to evil in the
    first place. We may be able to do something with this...

    Reminder On Zermarx's Past Servants
    Zombies (Limb shots only)
    Skeletons (Immune to Magic Swords, Hurt by Blunt More???)
    Wraiths (Magic only, wield poison weapons)
    Moriah (Mage extrordinare, rumored to be killed only if all the
    wraiths are. This is from the seer's and untested.
  • *********************

    We know the name of Zermark's lord,
    This is the name needed in the litany in
    the ritual to banish Zermarks. We also need to know Zermarks' true name,

    > Nemisis was ecountered. I know little more on the subject.

    Pol Coville mentioned that only Daniel Rosenblade had a chance to
    defeat Nemisis that night. I would guess that was beacuse of the magic sword
    'mageslayer' that Daniel carried that night.
  • *********************

    An update on Lost Gate knowledge: Knowing that the patterns are
    an extension of yourself, Topknot experimented by hitting The Nameless One's
    pattern with magic missles. A shadowpack was sic'ed on him. I've thought
    up an interesting experiment- since the Nameless One raises her troops by
    channeling power through her pattern (incidentally, search the leader of
    a group of TNO's troops for the pattern and destroy it if you can), maybe
    we cold do the same... I imagined one of our patterns left behind at a circle
    of healing, and a healer casting raise dead into the pattern every 5 minuites
    or so... probably won't work, but it would be interesting to try!
    Araka, the valiant Gnoll, sent by the seeress, has already told us
    that Jamyir the unicorn knows where the tomb is.
    Incidentally, it was observed that The Savage Beast was missing
    a bit of it's tail - presumably it was wounded somehow despite it's demondstrated invulnerability.
    TNO's truename, as deduced from her pattern, involves the letters:
    S H A K I V , but we don't know the order and some letters or groups could be
    repeated. The green rock runes were found to say 'KARNAK', for whatever
    significance that has.
  • *********************

    Shadow Packs: I had a chance to witness a Pack Leader from a safe distance
    recently, and noticed that he had the ability to Disrupt Light spells which
    he found annoying. Warning.

    Normally, if two Circles are cast as one, the entire Circle unit can be
    Disrupted by Disrupting either one. The reference may be that we need to
    make the closely concentric. maybe not.

    > Moriah (Mage extrordinare, rumored to be killed only if all the
    >wraiths are. This is from the seer's and untested.
    I can vouch for the fact that she was not visibly affected by normal,
    poison, magic, poison/magic, or flat blows in any combination that I could
    come with in the limited time that I had to experiment. For a while she
    considered me neutral from her point of view, and did not try to kill me,
    instead choosing to converse with me. After my experimentation, I doubt
    that she will feel the same way towards me. I know that she is capable of
    Disrupting both Circles of Protection and Protection from Undead.
  • *********************

    Last year, when I quested on the island, no one had a clear
    idea exactly what we were supposed to do. Fortunately we succeded
    anyway, and afterwards learned that what we had done was close the plane
    , or rather closed the gate to the plane of negative energy that Zermarks
    was using as a power source.
    Girmatusz's spellbook, it mentions that light spells block negative
    energy- that's why we had to put those glowsticks in the right place at the
    end of the nightquest- that's what closed off the gate. I wondered if we
    might bring the quest to a quick conclusion by casting more light spells
    and placing them there, but then I realized that they would go out as soon
    as the spellcaster went out of sight.
  • *********************

    I think a new threat is attempting to come to the realms. The
    danger may or may not be imediate. This is what little I know. Tetch had
    some disturbing visions that I think relate to reality.
    Vision #1: Standing in a grassy field. All the grass is dead.
    All the bugs in the grass are dead. Ahead, past a forest of dead trees is
    a citadel. It is obsidian black. A pentagram appears in the sky over the
    citadel. The citadel vanishes, so does the pentagram.
    Vision #2: Queen Meg has horns and demon wings. She had
    disembowled seven people who's corpses are on top of a scaffold pedestal
    each on a pentagram. They were Jarrod, Blade, Pyr, Randell, Decion, and
    two others I can't remember. People try to retrieve their bodies - Meg
    cuts them down.
    Background: Last time the Dragon Queen tried to move her citadel
    to our realm she was going to use the soul of Pyr Thalax, but Pyr was
    raise by Tetch, thus thwarting her plans.
    The Dragon Queen had six sisters and seven brothers. One of her
    sisters, the sister of wisdom, used to keep her in line. But now the
    Dragon Queen has banished her wise sister to the Astral Plane and given
    her power to the Scarlet knight is currently corresponding with Meg. The
    Scarlet Knight has a sword. (I think the sword can free the Dragon Sister.
    I don't remember.)
    The Dragon Queen needs the power sources in astral space to move
    her citadel. (I don't know what will happen to Astral space when they are
    We must go to the umbra get the sources of power before the Dragon
    queen. Get the sword from the scarlet knight, free the Dragon Sister. Get
    her her power back from the Scarlet Knight, and let her deal with the
    dragon Queen.
  • *********************

    told me you need warriors to help fight
    Zermarx. Since I live in Folkestone Hall I thought I would volunteer
    my sword and my healing powers. I hate dead things and my home is crawling
    with them.
    I make a rather decent fighter partner. I can run real quick, well
    you know my qualifications.
    I can heal, cure disease, hold back dead things, Raise the Dead,
    ask my goddess for a favor.
    I also have a small amount of Magical powers.
    I can conjure a light, atune myself to the regions magic, and conjure
    a protecting circle. Im still learning magic too.
    Just tell me if you need me. Ill be around.
  • *********************

    I fought the Wraiths in Rhiassa when they showed up.
    They are intelligent (as you know). And they were not held back
    by my magic. But my circle of protection did stop them.
  • *********************

    First: Topknot has seen the Pattern for TNO,
    & might have an idea on it's beginning. Possibly...
    Second: How many people have been raised by Blade? Along the lines
    of what has already said about being able to tell who has been raised
    by worshipers of the Dark God. If many have been raised by Blade & those
    people are at Death Bunnies II, what would happen if the Dark God wanted to
    call upon those people, just as Nemisis called upon his minions at The War
    of Souls....Just a curious thought...
    Third: a box from the Queen of Hearts.
    It's 1' wide x 1' deep x 1 1/2 ' long. It is painted gold with a form of
    runes that I haven't seen before. There are long swirling lines in different
    directions, some of them crossing each other. There are no hinges on this
    box, had to remove one of the sides to get it open. Inside there
    was a rock glued to the bottom of it. In Greek it said something to the
    effect of: "What is this you have found? An answer to your question? Perhaps
    the Gates to Heaven itself..." or something like that.
    It may be comletely unrelated, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  • *********************

    The Nameless One: Well, the Nameless one is Tetch's Sister, and
    her true name is probably similar to her sister and her mom's. I am in
    possession of 5 of the 6 pieces of the Soul Blade, but need the "Book of
    Dimension Travelling" which was gotten out of Wilderkin's tomb (last seen
    perhaps in Randall's hands) to get the 6th piece.
    We have also asertained that the destruction of the Soul Blade
    is what is necessary, and we plan to learn how to do that before we build
    it. The Soul Blade is the Nameless One's soul. A book on
    talisman creation was found, and we may want to build one to help us
    against the
    nameless one until she can be destroyed. Perhaps something to counter the
    ShadowWright would be wisest, say a torch which shines through obstacles,
    therefore is light without shadow. Anyway, shadowbeasts seem to be the
    most persistant of the Nameless One's army, although perhaps we should take
    an idea from the past and make a weapon of SkullCrusher-Destroying. Will
    Scull Crusher be that great of a threat? Perhaps a musical instrument of
    power to increase the peace that seems to come with Lady Anne's singing?
    Anyway, we should work out exactly what we want to do, as for every
    talisman, there is a cost. 13 souls went into the Talisman to kill Tormak.

    Lastly, is there any other business we need to focus ourselves on.
    There will be a battle of the Gods,
    Also, dragons seem to be waking up and moving about, and seem to be
    infiltrating our midst. Jerimiah the
    Vampire has taken Bane of Shane's Clan, and it seems this is being used to
    make Shane and Chimeron look bad.
  • *********************

    When we got to the Tomb there were six statues with puzzles on
    them which had to be solved to get a piece of the key. One person had to
    be declared as speaker and that person had to answer the question. The
    first was a simon game. The second was she is bliss upside down so it
    looked like numbers. The third was a riddle who's answer was Eagle Mount.
    The third was SILVER MANE using every other letter. The fifth was Moon
    Singer backwards. The sixth was Tanith, spelled with letters chopped in
    half. The six pieces made the key. The last staute was the key hole after
    his riddle was solved.
    It was discovered to late to be useful, that the statues were
    triggered by voice sounds in the same room. If we were all quiet we would
    not have had to fight in the tomb.
    There was a library, a temple, a bedroom, a room with a demon in
    it, and a room with a fire pit. All of the new information came from the
    library or Torril herself.
    One of the Kal was there helping us. The wandering spirit that
    was raising people. I don't know which Kal.
    When Lady Anne played the flute in the room with the music on the
    wall the gate to Torril's tomb was opened, but only one person could enter
    at a time and Lady Anne had to go in first. Torril gave each person a
  • *********************

    Here is what I know was recovered from the tomb. If not otherwise
    specfide I have it: 3 Identify Scrolls, A Steal the Soul Scroll, 3 Raise
    Dead Scroll, A Scroll to summon ShadowWright! (location unknown), A Map to
    get to a Gate [possibly TNO's citadel], A Note with the map, A Small Book
    on the nature of Demons, A Book on Artifact creation, A Book on
    opening gates ( Randell ), An Ancient Religion pamphlet, Some mail to
    Tanith, Song of the Forgotten
    TNO is Tanith's daughter and it is her soul in
    the SoulBlade. That fits with what I know. Did you learn that from Torril
    or deduce it from the knowledge givin. If it is TNO's soul in the
    soulblade perhaps part of her ture name could be learned from the sword.
    Interesting thought. Is it possible to use part of a pattern. Perhaps
    TNO's pattern is only part of her true name.
    Kerania has been broken by TNO. She held out for a year and a
    Tanith is knight commander of the Gray Company. He is also known
    as Silver Mane, and is Torril's soul mate or (Se' Kreth ashke). The gray
    company is an order of knights founded by Tanith. It does not see things
    as good or evil, but natural and unnatural. Tanith founded it because he
    feel partial responsible for TNO. Torril sugested he may have information
    on TNO's true name.
    Tanith is a Canteada. They live on Eagle Mount. It can only be
    reached by those who fly on the backs of great eagles, which the Canteada
    TNO used to be called Moon Singer. For those who didn't know she
    is female.
    The original SoulBlade was powered by the soul of Tanith's
    daughter, not Tetch. It was shattered to ease her existence. It was
    suggested that to remake the Soulblade we would have to bind Tetch. We
    WILL find another option.
    The book on Artifact Creation describes how the Flaming Swords
    and the SoulBlade were created.
    The Nameless One has a second Gargoyle Heart. That leaves us with
    two and one left unaccounted for. TNO recovered one just after Lost Gate
    I, and a second at the Grey Forest during the war against the undead.
    There have been some repercussions to violating Torril's Tomb.
    Mostly nightmares so far. Probably Tanith's intervention.
    We found out while in the Tomb that the gate in was part of a
    pattern but we did not get to look at it because the boon Sean O'Qunlinn
    asked for was for us all to be teleported out. This also left the gate
    open for TNO's forces to loot it. Sean O'Qunlinn went back at about 5 am
    after TNO's forces had left, and closed the gate. Before that TNO's
    forces were to many to attempt a return venture.
    Torril dose not wish to "not be," however she dose not wish to be
    raised this would destroy the natural order.

    I think it would be wise to cast a vision to see that piece of a
    pattern on the gate (or part of the gate). It may be reduntent inforation
    but a lose end that can be esily tied should be. It may help us learn
    TNO's true name.
    The Torril that was in the Tomb was a piece of Torril who had been
    there 57 years. She did not know anything that had transpired since her
    death. Presumably, nor will the spirit of Torril who has been helping us
    through Lady Anne, know what was said or learned from her counter part in
    the Tomb.
    As for our next corse of action. There are some lose ends we
    could tie up to possibly get a clearer picture. Talking to Tanith is a
    good idea, I would like to know who the wolf wandering in the mountains
    lost with no friends is. I had a vision about it. It may be the spirit of
    Torril. It might be good to help it.
    There are the old questions of what was on the wall in the Lost
    Gate. A vision will not work because the place sucks up magic, but if we
    can find someone who read it we could DI to give them an eidetic memory
    long enought to recored the writing. We could use visions to see the
    history scrolls that Childrak was looking for, or a vision of Tir O Seans
    suspected missing missive.
    Ther is still one gargoyle heart left. We have to figure out how
    to give them back to the gargoyles. TNO will have an esery time taking
    them from us then the people we got them from. Therefore they are a
    liability until they are put back.
    All Visions and fotune tells used to learn about TNO's pattern to
    decipher her true name, have been answered with the ambigious answer "8".
    It is possible they were poorly phrased. Perhaps a vision of the
    pattern being drawn will work. Or perhaps TNO has used magic of her own
    to protect the pattern from divination spells. Maybey if someone were to
    ask their gods to disrupt such magic first and then cast divinations we
    would get some answers.
    I think the other avanues of lore should be explored before more
    resources are wasted deciphering TNO's pattern. So far the the side paths
    to the solution have produced more sucesse than the direct aproch.
  • *********************

    Here are the letters from the Tomb. They are interesting.
    Tanith's Mail:

    Sir Tanith,
    Long have I sought an answer. I think I have something which might
    interest you. Meet me at the Equinox under the Scry Bowl at Tarreth-lin.
    Yours Truely
    Sir Darneth
    Sir Tanith of the Grey Mountains,
    We are in desperate need of your council, Honored One. The Kral
    Krebain of the unNamed Beast have raided deeply into the South, and I fear
    they shall fall soon. We have heard nothing from the Eastern sea
    kingdoms, and niether from the west. The Valdonian King is backing us. I
    hope this message makes it to you before it is too late, yo and the Eagle
    Lords would be a welcome addition in this.
    Yours in Truth
    Sir Malacon the Green, Knight of Dorset
    (by the hand of Lady Anna, of Dorset)
    To Sir Tanith leader of the Grey Company,
    I am sorry to be the bearer of such tragic news. It seems the
    scoin of the Darkened Light, the childe called Marra, has once again
    gained power in the Wood. The Wilderkin, being as she is, felt it
    necessary to stop the childe before her power grew to great. For many
    days we heard nothing from the Wilderkin. Two nights ago, a great light
    and a noise like thunder rocked the area we call the Ruins of Tagath, a
    former castle overgrown for many years now. We rushed there to see what
    had happened . . .
    Tanith, I fear your beloved has made the Final Sacrifice. The
    whole of the Ruins were scorched clean by a Fire so strong the very rocks
    were still hot when we arrived. The dead were nought save shadows burned
    into the surrounding rocks. Strangely, the trees around the site were
    unharmed, though many foul creatures, mostly ogres and trolls, lay dead at
    their bases. We have collected what remained of your Lady, and await your
    reply with instructions on what to do with the remains.
    Sincerely yours in Sorrow and Pain,
    Lady Deeana Markenstone,
    spokesman for the Borderguard of Tuath Fasach
    Kath-sisling i Gemari-thoth poran Wilderkin
    Ton fideallan! Garath naddante fidos tha tharrel say. Tonnal an
    che somas tha firran. Wellan, korathna fidos tha tallen. Widaran:
    Voth la terran dis
    Co myranthal gis
    Benta fidos tha wheel
    Parra nak forr ta chi.
    Hopean tha workan daen. Suliethan,
    Michantane, derran Elf Lord.

    Stop meddling, Father.

  • *********************

    Im not sure the second and third pages are part of the song. They
    might just be food for thought.

    Song of the Forgotten

    Lost in the silence
    of weavings long ago,
    the legions of the Forgotten
    mere threads upon the wall

    Frayed, mold,
    dusted with pearly sands

    When the Lady - in - waiting cries into the night
    calling upon the mistress with the only key
    find the source of the waiting in your time
    upon the wishes of the falling tree

    To the soul of the waiting treasure
    deep inside the locked threads
    Musty upon the ancient walls on the halls
    the halls ruled by the dead.

    Call upon those legions far
    When need is at it's height
    and watch the memories role forth
    as a weightless body of light.

    Come forth O lady, call upon the night
    May the Goddess sing upon the wind,
    Calling forth the wisdom born

    Of ancient voices long forgotten

    ----new page ---

    How do you judge love?
    How do you call the one that shines with a light
    born of you?

    Can love be within for eternity?

    The pain of loss.
    The pain of the gain.
    The eyes that stare into the soul.
    The ghost of the eyes....

    And where have I put the soul?

    Hidden away. Deep without the cavern.
    Somewhere in the past, lost before its future.

    Love, a travesty of lust.
    Wounds with a beautiful face...

    O those sweet eyes.....

    ---new page ---

    During the night of the Sun, look to the north.
    During the night of the moon, look to the west
    During the night of the blackness, look to you heart.

    for then your eyes shall fail and only your
    desires will find freedom.

    What is the truth of Your soul little one?

    Life is a game and death is the winner of all tourneys.
    Choose your champion as only the fool does
    Not on strength, not on courage, not on endurance

    Purity? Honor? Chastity?
  • *********************

    Torril's truename is known

    A side efect of "calling" Torril's name for this purpose is she
    comes and poses's Tetch for a short time. This has given me a few
    opertunities to talk to Torril, and the conversations were interesting,
    but I don't like anyone possesing Tetch, forunatly she knows she does not
    belong and eventualy leaves of her own volition.

    From TNO's pattern we know, the letters in TNO's true name are
    K I V A S H. "A" occurs at least twice.
  • *********************
    This is the book on Demon's, though upon closer reading it is
    actually about the hamad who's language has Demon roots, but the Hamad do
    not apear to not be demons. The most usful part of the text was the
    language symbols which are decended from demon and could prove to be a
    useful refrence if we ever have to translate demon or hamad. Unfortunatly
    that is the part of the text I could not add in the message and instead
    inserted [symbole] in the text where apropriate. I will work with the

    (A Summery of Future Compilation...)
    Ballisano aum Proper
    The ancient Hamad's were a strange race, though that is not an
    unusual fact when considering the location of their tribes. Often those
    who live within the Ethereal Waste have abilities and notions that seem
    Unnatural to the well-established Realms. I can not but wonder how it
    must be to live in a land where demon - dreams are common and in fact, a
    revered ability.
    The Hamad language itself reflects a demon - influence as to the
    vowels and common language among their peoples. For example, the common
    phrase: [series of odd characters] shows specific emphasis on the
    [symbol] form of demonic language as well as the [two symbols] , similar
    to the Araeth-an [two similar symbols].
    Scholars born in the Pannar frame of thought have theorized a
    mixture of genetic beginnings or [symbols] is reminiscent of the lost Ara
    tribe and Pyla panocke', offspring of the coupling of the Deva and Devo'n

    demon - breed.
    Hamadd history, little that has been kept as it is, cites a
    demon-type god and follower of the Agriculture deity, Malorr, [symbol]
    thrown together at the beginning of the "World" or "[symbols]", the
    natural parental figures of the Hamad.
    The calender the Hamad have kept thru previous centuries, as far
    as my scribes have researched, follows the calender year depicted by the
    Napalan figurine found in the Southern Waste during the skirmish between
    adventurers and local tribe leaders noted to follow a cannibalistic
    religious worship.
    The figurine, though scarred by the notorious high wind - high
    rain saturation index, had well defined features that were easily
    reproduced on parchment and distributed by the philosopher Memmonom
    deMarque throughout the Northern Kingdom.

    [Picture of Napalan Figuring with symbolic writing]

    [Page of symbols inturpreting the calender]

    Hamad legacy on the battlefield is renown throughout Waste -
    history as a well - organized, honorable force that specializes in magic
    - based legions. A seemingly chaotic blitz usually followed by
    independent warrior - class mages in flank formation with a twist on the
    common magic missile spell we are familiar with. The spell is known as
    "Mah-tak Pallini" or "Sun Fire" and emits acidic flame from the caster's
    hands. Some five to six repetitions per caster usually decimates even
    the finest front linesman.
    The speciality weapon combo that most Hamad are proficient with
    from adolescence is staff and dagger. I have been told by ancient tribal
    shamans that it was a sight to see, this seemingly harmless "stick" or
    "[3 symbols]" held threateningly by a warrior of small stature and no
    armor. It seems that surprise was a common tool in their maneuvers.

    [ Picture of Staff and Dagger ]

    The daggers and metal working of the Hamad in general are worth
    mentioning in this summary. A nomadic tribe, metal was scarce yet every
    Hamadian had a dagger of fine quality in their possession. From
    artifacts found the Hamad used wood for all other tools in the place of
    metal. The daggers themselves were curiously curved and sharpened on
    both sides of the blade. An individual "House" sign was marked upon the
    handle in enameled balo'pee' paint.
    Though this is just a brief summary of the Hamad, a further
    volume (compleat) will be issued in the spring as a compilation of sages
    from the west and East.
    Thank you for your interest.
    - Balli-sano the Proper
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    In regards to the god war: At Dark Vision, Alcar and I had a
    long discussion with Vladamere and I learned many things from that
    meeting both from him and his spell book which contained his diary. The
    first entry in the diary was written 25 years after the date of that
    event and the last was that exact date. Apparently, 25 years from now,
    Vladimere was a priest of Dionin, and the second of Ilgoth. He felt he
    could do better than his current station, and to make a long story short,
    he found out about a thing called The Ascension which happened about a
    year from now, our time. Using reality magic, he traveled back to a time
    in which he was the victor of The Ascecnsion. This resulted in the
    future seen at Feel the Burn, and unless we alter the future of our
    reality, we will begin to live the nightmare of that vision.
    The Ascension itsel consists of a bunch of gods being represented
    by a champion who acts in a capacity much akin to that of an avatar,
    although there is a difference, I just don't know what it is yet. Those
    who represent the gods all were a sword shaped pin that may not be
    removed once it is put on. These pins all look identicle so far, so
    there is no way to tell what god a player represents just by looking at
    them. When someone puts a pin on, they immediatly begin representing
    what ever god they follow, or if they follow no god, then one which best
    fits the way they live. I'm not sure how The Ascension will be played
    out, but I do know that the winner walks away with some sort of prize and
    the loosers really loose (please feel free to underscore those last two
    As far as I know, there are only six players so far... The ones
    known to me are Peregrin (representing Justare, god of Justice), Adyan
    (Order), Topknot (The Dark God/Hate/or something along those lines),
    Quick (Arora), and Vladimere (Dionin). I'm not sure yet as to who has
    the sixth pin, but I am trying to find out.
    There are two things we must bear in mind at this point. First
    and foremost is that in this reality, we are doomed to loose to
    Vladimere. If we do nothing to alter the course of this timeline,
    Vladimere will win and ascend to godhood and all the other nasty stuff we
    have seen will come to pass. The second thing is that the loosers of The
    Ascension really loose!
    I'm not quite sure how we can alter the future, but I think if we
    follow the same path Vlandimere did and some of our members learn reality
    magic, we might have a chance. I'm open to further suggestions, but I'm
    pretty sure this is our best course. I'll write more when I learn
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