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Missives that resulted.

Unto Sir Guilliam,

In case you may or may not have heard, Paradise is looking for Metron to be
placed under arrest. He is dangerous in our opinion, should he be going
through your lands; take great care.

If you or another member of Thorne Valley have the man in question now as rumors
suggest to me and my scrying bowl, then I ask, if possible, for you to take the
longer roads to deliver him to Paradise - I would hate for you to be caught up
in Chimeron's Faerie issues right now, and I'd rather not lose you nor the
other man.

Luck and Ladies be with you, regardless of where you tread,
- Governess Aberes of Paradise
There is a rumor going around, that people are spreading way too many rumors...

Squire Rohde
Champion of Grimloch
13th Warrior
Ya know. I totally heard that one too!!

I think I need to agree with that

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