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Missives that resulted.

who was this man within teh borders of Dracornia?
Was he a merchant from the Centaurlands? Perhaps he was lost at sea and
just crawled ashore at Miller's Reach...Who knows... sounds like he may have
wanted to visit Draconia, but never made it to the border, poor old man...

If you want the Corsican Entreperneurs to find out, Sir Shean, I'm sure Arg,
Muninn, and plenty of others would be willing to hire out our investigation

Iris Elenor Tranes IV,
Merchant Extrodinaire and Peddler of Smiles
Sir Shean,

I believe "Northeast of Draconia" means to the north and east of Draconia, not within Draconia.

And to further clarify, the tainted water supply is outside of Eagle's Rook. We've sent someone to look into it.

Sir Vawn
The Knights of Dragons' Ire and a squadron of Draconian Elite have been sent to patrol the North/North Eastern border of Draconia; if further investigative service is needed outside my borders please feel free to contact me directly.


~Sir Carius R. Dracon XIX
Knight Commander of Dragons' Ire
Foresworn of the Angelic Pantheon
Proprietor of the Lands of Draconia
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