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Missives that resulted.

To all who will hear.

Though my word is one you may not know nor trust, I would quell the nerves of those who would fear.

I myself saw King Jarrod and many others ride from my stead in Fort Bramble unharmed. Rest assured Bramble has not fallen, the combined efforts of the heroes my father has told me so much about has put down the horde that would destroy all of you in the north.
At least for the time being, rest easy.

In Service to the Purging of corruption

Simon Greyfeather
Hi Chimeron (especially the Chronicler),

Some of us were on the assault to head off (that is,
kill off) a band of orcs so they wouldn't add to the
forces attacking Fort Bramble. There was a guy with a
silver face doing some sort of speech with the orcs,
by a yellow banner, telling them to lay their weapons
down after they were all chanting and stuff. Maybe
with some of that "you'll be more powerful in death"

Anyway, we killed all the orcs, not without plenty of
them killing us as well, and the silver face guy kept
going around trying to make deals and give us "gifts"
and telling the fire salamander to eat our dead. How
annoying. He didn't react when I stabbed him, either.

I ignored him but he made me listen to a message as we
were leaving -- "treat them like monsters, and they
will be." What, if we don't stab the orcs they won't
stab back? I don't think so.

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