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The End of the Third War

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: August 1006
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Friends and allies,

The war for Middle Earth has ended. One night ago, the final blow was struck
to the body of Sauron, and the Ring was cast into the fires of Mount Doom by
the hand of Nighthawk.

The Shadow has been lifted from those lands, and it is now the task of it's
own people to rebuild. And we have left them to that.

With the passing of the last elf from the shores of that place, the gateway
between our world and theirs is closed. I do not believe we will see those
lands again in our lifetimes.

To those of you who have bled on the fields of Middle Earth, these past days
or any time before, you have my deepest and most profound thanks. It is only
through your years of strength and sacrifice that we could come to this day

And you have the thanks of Baba... of Jaysn of Folkstone as well, for he
cannot give it himself. He sacrificed a great deal in the final encounter
with Sauron, and has gone on to his reward in the Grey Havens. We shall not
see him again.

I, myself, am honored to have fought beside him in this war, and will
remember him for the great hero that he sought for many years to become. The
hero he did become through this struggle.

The lands of Middle Earth are free today.

August 1st. First day of the new age of man.

Sir Aeston Stromgate
Champion of the Dwarves
Bearer of the Horn of Gondor
Just one small man amongst many great ones.
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