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Missive from Talia

Type of Missve: private correspondence,
Date: 1007
Responses: yes, not included
City of Ivory, Squire Cain of Ivory, Duchess Gwendolyn of Thorne Valley,

I am sorry I was not able to attend this past weekends events. I was invited to a council of Thorne Valley concerning what is currently happening in old Blackwood. As Blackwood borders my nation of Uffren I thought it best that I find what is occurring there.

From what I have learned that my previous information was correct, the Planar Shield Stone is damaged. Background... The Planar Shield Stone was created by a council of twelve mages of Blackwood. It was originally supposed to prevent inter-plane travel within with borders of Blackwood as defined at the time (which to my understanding
includes Heminshire, Blackwood, Iradis, Shadowdragon, Condriff, Thorne Valley and Uffren). It is a large stone that can be disabled into twenty-four pieces which are fifty pounds each. One person can carry two at a time. There is an illusion of the stone in Zermarcx castle. Its true location is in a gate whose entrance is in the tower of Marcus Del Mar (he was one of the original 12 mages and also a drow). The tower is protected by twelve trials, each created by one of the twelve mages. Due to the Planar Shield Stone being damaged when a person dies in the lands of old Blackwood their soul can not leave so it just goes back into the body and resumes normal everyday life. The
name of Sir Nigel of Blackwood may know more information. I have heard he is still alive and mostly well and does communicate by elf mail.

There is a priest of a dark god (not the dark but a) named Maradauth who is currently attempting of push Edaone out of existence. Back-story... way back when there was a ritual done to limit Edaone to within Blackwood and make her more powerful. To kill her followers and destroy her alters within Blackwood will basically make her completely null and void. This all started about the time when the Realms went and fought a dracolich, ancient crypts were disturbed, and seals were broken. The name of one of her priestesses who is well known is Orchyd of Creathorne.

If we can have Sir Dark/Sir Santiago to the lower portion of Thorne Valley by way of honorable combat maybe with Sir Kay, then with the help of Edaone we may be able to do a divination to separate Sir Dark from Sir Santiago.

From what I understand and had heard at this council... if we are able to get rid of Zermarcx then the people of Idaris will do cleanup with the undead. Zermarcx currently has control the undead including Sir Dark. Zermarcx I believe is under Maradauth.

I have also forwarded a copy of this letter to Duchess Gwendolyn of Thorne Valley. If you find any information I have given to be incorrect please let me know Duchess.

Is there anything that we can do Cain? I can not stand by and let this happen as the people of Thorne Valley are like family to me and my nation, Uffren, itself in danger. Is it possible to do any of the afore mentioned ideas? Do you need more information? I will be here in Thorne Valley for a while, and then if I am not in touch I will be
in Uffren to see what is truly occurring there.

Thank you for your time and patience, ideas and knowledge.
Talia Dechoros
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