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Name: Tana Torne, the Sword Maiden
Domain: Righteousness, Defiance, Bravery
Symbols: a T-eye shaped Helm atop a shield, which bears a sword (point down)
Avatars: Unknown
Creator: Shawn Stoddard
Plot marshals: Janna Oakfellow-Pushee(only for Time Snarl/Time)
Area of Influence: Lost Kingdoms, other areas of the Realms where the books have traveled and the tales told.

I am always compassionate and generous.
I meet all adversity with grace and dignity.
I am relentless in my peaceful pursuits of goodness.

I suffer no pride to blemish my good deeds.
I put to right all the wrongs I have wrought.
I suffer no one to enslave another.
I will visit terror and hardship on all the Hell's servants.

I am the embodiment of valor in the face of the enemy.
I shall take the battle to my very doom.
No law of man may allay these vows.
Even the smallest goodness is an affront to the Hells.

The Hells cannot despoil the Good.

A book of the Sword Maiden, given for BrightHammer IceBreaker
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