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Name: Vesta, Mother Goddess of the Family Pantheon
Domain: Home and hearth
Symbols: Cooking Pot on a Tripod, over a fire
Avatars: None.
Plot marshals: Ryan Welch, Ken Belsito
Area of Influence: Central Realms
Worshipers of Note: Orion, Indana Ward, Rekees, Cressida

Iawen: /yawn/ "Why don't you tell me all about Vesta?"

Orion: "chuckle"

Iawen: "So, how did Vesta come into being?"

Orion: "At the Feast of the Small Gods in... when was that? Well, at the feast of the small gods, there was a lot of powers there, and we helped them discover their names and domains. We were supposed to elevate one and elevate them to Godhood, but Rekees said nah, and so we have the Family Pantheon."

Iawen: "Next, does Vesta have any Champions, or noteable places to worship, stuff like that?"

Orion: "She doesn't have any Champions, and she doesn't have big churches. The warcamp at Darkvale had a temple to Vesta, and DelHamar is building one to her in Darkvale this week... other than that? She can be recognize, really, at any fire. Since she's the goddess of the home it doesn't make sense for her to have a lot of temples; mostly just shrines to her in homes."

Iawen: "What is her relation with the others in the Family Pantheon?"

Orion: "My understanding is that all of the gods are 'basically' siblings? They were elevated into their divine power at the same time. She is no more or less powerful than the other members of her Family."

Iawen: "Why do you follow her, in particular, as opposed to other, big-named gods like Aurora or the Dark One?"

Orion: "I follow Vesta because she represents a lot of things I value already. The sanctity of the home, keeping the place... having a place to go to at the end of the day. She doesn't ask for much. When people ask if I worship her, I say I follow her. It's not a complicated relationship; she's not my boss, but the things that she embodies at that time needed a power boost. There will always be Light and Darkness, Hate and Hope and yet, having a place to go home and have a meal in my mind is a bit underrated."
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