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May 24th, 1005

Author: Tetch, not sure which one
Place/Gathering Discovered: Recovered from Nimbus's papers
Date: May 24th 1005
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Andromeda Penn
As an added note, in effort to clear old old papers of my mother's, I found this. Parts of it may or may not be covered elsewhere in the Library, so future Librarians and Scribes can adjust as they find the correlations. - Siap

Questing to destroy the Erl King.


If you are not familiar with the Erl King, his stolen domain, his minions or anything of that sort, this document may not be overly helpful to you, as it delves into the theoretical, rather than in pure fact. I would suggest you read a few other documents before tackling this one, so that you have some sort of foundation beforehand. I would recommend reading “A Treatise on the Wiles and Ways of Corruption”, written by Elder Reeve of the Forest Runners, the documentation of letters traded between Aeston Stromgate and Elder Arkan, “A Last Look at Sothron” (author unknown), and if you can manage to find a copy, the story of Reeve, written by himself, and dedicated to Kayla. If you can locate them, and haven’t decided to leave this business to someone else by this time, I would recommend reading the Story of Tana Torne, the Fall of Nalfaerishii, and locating the tales regarding the formation of the Forest Runners. It should be noted that anything written by Reeve needs to be viewed with a critical eye, as at the time he wrote the tales, he was compromised after a fashion by the Ban placed on him by the Norne, and/or by the Enemy itself. Additional information dealing with the subject can be found in the books called “Heavy”, “Light”, “III” and “Nazo-nazo”, but all the information in them is contained in the other works, or is outdated. I will attempt to include several dreams that I have recorded in this piece, as they can be informative, if viewed critically. Additionally, there is a book, also written by Reeve called “the Book of To”. It was meant as a primer for those pursuing the path of To in the Kathrani. There is a page within that book, the first one, which is a mass of puzzles and riddles that seems to have bearing on the war, in addition to the aspect of Air.

The Spirit War:
The rise of the Erl King to power in the Lost Kingdoms is sometimes referred to as the Spirit War. Kal Carhd (K-ahl Cahr-ah-d) means “Spirit War”, though I am uncertain what language the translation is taken from. The word “Kal” means “Spirit” in Nihandi, but Carhd’s origin escapes me.


In all of the above mentioned tales, you will find that the Erl King, and his ‘children’ are oft compared to a fly. I have chosen to set aside that particular analogy, favoring instead the analogy of a chess board, as it is better suited to the Enemy from my point of view. I also favor putting the aspects upon the Wheel of the Kal en Dral, which I understand better, and can conceptualize better.. but truly, all the metaphors, from fly to chess to wheel, have their merits in describing the nature of the battle we have ahead of us.

I will touch briefly on the 3 different metaphors now, so you have some idea of what I’m referring to.

The Fly:
As I mentioned above, the most often used analogy for the Erl King compares it to a Fly. The Enemy is the head of the Fly. Each of its ‘children’, whom we often refer to as the Warlords, is represented by the legs of that fly. Further breaking the analogy down, each Warlord, sometimes called a Limb, has its own ‘talon’ or minion more closely associated with it than any other.
In the mythos of creation from the Lost Kingdoms, there are six aspects of nature, broken both into three sets of two and two sets of three. The six aspects are generally known as Magic, Mind, Water, Spirit, Stone and Flesh. The triads are Humanity (consisting of Flesh, Spirit and Mind) and Earth (consisting of Water, Magic and Stone), the pairs are not so well named, but the pairings tend to be put as Mind with Stone as the Rigid Aspects, Spirit with Water as the Fluid Aspects, and Flesh with Magic as the Syntheses. Symmetry is apparently important to the Old Sothron belief system. Going with the fly model, the Warlords can also be broken up into pairs and triads, falling onto one side or the other on the fly, in the front, middle or back ‘leg’ position.
While it has generally been left out of the mythos and teachings, there is an eighth position on the fly, the abdomen or stinger. This position also has a Warlord. It is the Warlord of corrupted Thought or Air. The existence and placement of this seventh Warlord is the reason I rather favor the chess analogy to the fly one.

The Wheel of the Kal en Dral:
Within the mythos I have been brought up under, there are nine aspects of nature. These aspects are Water, Mist (Magic/Dream), Air, Light (Reason), Fire, Stone, Earth, Clay (Flesh) and Spirit. These aspects are ordered upon a wheel, with Water being the northernmost position, and moving counter-clockwise to the other aspects, leaving Air in the West, Fire in the South, and Earth in the East. In the Mythos of the rise of the Erl King, Fire is incorruptible.
I would recommend further research or even introspection into what each aspect of Nature represents within our world, but here are some really basic things. Water is the Cleanser. Clay is the aspect of creation and flesh. Earth is the force of Renewal, Rebirth, Growth and Life. Stone is the aspect of solidity, protection, permanence. Fire is the Destroyer. Light is the aspect of Reason, and Leadership. Air is the aspect of Knowledge, Prophesy, and Facts. Mist is the aspect of Dream, Magic, and imagination. Spirit is the synthesis of all aspects.

Old Sothron was once a bastion of magical might. This kingdom had two forms of magic and two alphabets. The High Magic, and High Sothron letters were both based upon Chess. There are several characters within High Sothron, each character representing the movements and pieces in Chess. Additionally, writing was an involved process done upon a grid, and each character’s meaning changed depending where within the grid it fell, and whether or not it was considered to be on white or black when it was placed. It is theorized that the person responsible for summoning the Erl King into the world was the High Mage Vaesario, the Court Mage of Sothron. Because of the symmetry, the background, and the history, I believe the chess model is a bit more appropriate for the depiction of the Erl King and his Warlords.
I would place the Erl King in the King position. He represents the corrupted aspect of Earth.
I would place the Warlord of Corrupted Air in the Queen’s position, as it can move everywhere and quickly, unable to be truly captured. Oddly enough, the Warlord itself seems incapable of jumps in intuition, so while it can move quickly and far, and in any direction, it seems only capable of direct movement once it chooses a path.
I would place Irrad, the Warlord of Corrupted Stone in the King’s Rook position, as he is mighty, strong, but only capable of direct movement. There is no subtlety to him. Additionally, Corrupted Stone seems more apt to be part of the ‘triad’ of Earth rather than the ‘triad’ of Humanity, which is why I would put it on the side of the King, rather than the Queen.
I would place Maggot, the Warlord of Corrupted Flesh in the Queen’s Rook position, as, like Irrad, he seems only capable of direct movement. He is thuggish and slow thinking, lacking any subtlety.
I would place Kytsim, the Warlord of corrupted Magic, on the board in the position of Queen’s Knight, and Nasnie, the Warlord of corrupted Mind, on the board in the position of King’s Knight. Neither have direct lines of movement. Everything about them, insanity and magic, breaks normal rules or conventional thinking. Chaotic, nearly unpredictable.
The aspects of corrupted Spirit and Water, known as Ang and Polth, are like bishops. Bishops have been described to me as being half pieces – together they can reach all aspects of the board, but singly, they cannot. Water cannot affect the spirit and feelings of man, while maladies of Spirit don’t have much influence on the physical aspects of the world. I would be more inclined to make Polth the King’s Bishop, and Ang the Queen’s.

Preparations: Before the Assault:
Before we start making inroads into the Erl King’s domain, it is important that we protect our own home. To do that we need to defeat his Champion, Garrimaddon.

The Champion of the Erl King: King’s Pawn

“To defeat Garrimaddon, pay attention to his parts…”

Prophesy relating to the coming of Garrimaddon:
The Prophesy of the Tomb

“Icy wind o’er Northern Lands
Driving forth such idle hands
A time to weep
The time to sleep
The Wolf has come to cull the Sheep.”

“Sleeper, Sleeper on the Rock
Know you well the words that Lock.
Would you the Champion now to wake?
Have Conflict’s wife cross stagnant lake.”

“Sleeper, Sleeper lost in pain,
Won’t you help him know Her name?
Checke’d in blue, no time to think
‘fore man of gold becomes the link.”

“Sleeper, sleeper on the Rock
Don’t you hear her arrow’s nock?
Heeding heart and need to Aid
Trapped in goodness ‘fore the monster made.”

“Sleeper, Sleeper lost your mind
Bring you one of Dwarven-kind.
Throw him high whilst sparrow sings.
Death loses one to sparrows wing.”

“Sleeper, Sleeper on the Rock
Hither draw one death will mock
No duty except where duties be torn
Shall fight eleven score of madness born”

“Sleeper, Sleeper can’t you hear the flies?
Your intentions true. The dead will rise.
Life’s too short for the might of Kings.
The death knell merely stirs these things.”

“Sleeper, Sleeper on the Rock
Now put your head upon the block.
Corruption’s touched has all things stained;
Even readers come out of the rain.”

“Sleeper, Sleeper your duty’s done
Let them see now war’s begun.
It all ends with a pyre,
But begins in ring of fire.”

“Icy wind o’er Northern Lands
Driving forth such Idle Hands
A time to weep
The time to sleep
The Wolf has come to cull the Sheep.”

Defeating Garrimaddon:
It has been discovered that Garrimaddon is only vulnerable if challenged to honorable combat with matched weapons, and that the matched weapon needs to be made of silver.
Garrimaddon will only accept honorable combat with someone he deems worthy of the challenge, and only if there is something of value being fought over. Even though Elwick has defeated Garrimaddon twice in such duels, he continues to return, though Elwick did manage to get him to leave Ivory free of his influence by such a duel.
We do not know how to permanently remove the Champion from the board.
We do know that Garrimaddon is a combination of four different men. It has been said that each of these men will need to be defeated in some manner to defeat the whole that is the Champion.
1.) Arvitt Garrimaddon the Eleventh, the last king of Sothron, and the person probably responsible for summoning the Erl King to the world to begin with. Arvitt is the controlling personality. There is nothing redeemable about the man. He is haughty, arrogant, and vile. He is a rapist, warmonger, and power-hungry in the extreme. Arvitt (or rather, Arvitt’s twisted undead form) was slain by one of his knights, a man named Sir Pytr. Pytr eventually founded the Forest Runners when Tantarrill fell. More information about the coming of the Erl King and the death of Arvitt can be found in the tale called “A Last Look at Sothron.”
2.) Benjamin Grans, a war leader of men that took to the field of battle vs. the Erl King nearly 500 years ago. Ben was probably a paladin of Tana Torne, might have been a forest runner (though this is in debate), and has been said to have been a master tactician. He reportedly carried Tomas, the sword of Tana Torne. Ben was betrayed by his second in command, who had been replaced by a Skald. Ben distrusted magic, and that was likely the means used to defeat him, ultimately, as he didn’t have any safeguards to find Skalds in his ranks.
3) King Dreydan Quinn, the last king of Tantarrill. Betrayed by his own daughter, Meribeth. Stabbed from behind. Dreydan Quinn was a very spiritual man. He may have worshipped gods similar in nature to the Kal en Dral, if not the Kal themselves. It is possible that Meribeth became Ang, the Warlord of corrupted spirit.
4) Iredann Ney'l Otann'i , the Ixxan, “king” of the Sylvane Elves of Nalfaerishii. The story of the Ixxan’s fall is known, but to be brief, he was tricked into believing he was betrayed by the people of Tantarill.
Betrayal seems to be a common theme in the fall of the good men that protect Arvitt. I am uncertain how that information helps us defeat the Champion, however. Perhaps if we can convince or show each of these men how Arvitt, himself, is betraying them it might turn them back to the light.
Perhaps we could wage a bit of psychological warfare upon the champion by picking at these men’s weaknesses. Ben Grans likely wouldn’t attack a woman geared for war much like Tana Torne, the goddess he likely championed. Dreydan Quinn might have difficulty attacking a priest or priestess. The Ixxan may have difficulty attacking an elf.
Another option is to continually challenge and defeat Garrimaddon in honorable combat, banning his influence in the realms completely, forcing him to return back to the Lost Kingdoms in defeat.

Garrimaddon has a ‘pet’ skald, called Das Lekyn. Das Lekyn is apparently only affected by arrow strikes to the chest. He has several points of armor on that location, and is well versed in how to repair it. Oddly enough, brawling with the creature to allow an archer to shoot at his chest seems to be one of the more effective ways to defeat it. Das Lekyn is a first Storm Skald, and is quite powerful. He directly links Garrimaddon to the Erl King. Destroying or dissipating this skald will be helpful in weakening Garrimaddon overall.

It is said that after Garrimaddon is defeated, Irrad will come north to do his job. We need to be prepared for that eventuality.

Defeating the Erl King:

Order of Destruction:
It is very likely that we will need to destroy the parts of the Erl King one at a time before we can destroy the creature itself. Like Chess, we will need to whittle away all the pieces of power on the board before being able to strike the King itself. Creation, it is said, had an order, and creation fell in an order..

I believe that the order in which the aspects of nature fell will be important to ultimately defeating the Erl King. It is possible we will need to defeat each corruption of nature in reverse order of their fall. Sadly, I am not completely certain of the order. It is widely accepted that Magic was the first to fall, and that Spirit was the last.

From various sources, I believe the order of the Fall goes something like this:
Magic, Thought, Water, Stone, Flesh, Spirit. I am at a complete loss as to when Mind fell, but I strongly believe it fell after Water.
Maggot, the warlord of corrupted Flesh, has been referred to as the ‘youngest brother’.
Kytsim, the warlord of corrupted Magic, has been referred to as the ‘oldest brother’.
I would have to reference my notes, but I believe Irrad has been referred to as the ‘third brother’.
I have been told that Thought was the second to fall.
So, if Magic, Thought and Spirit are in the right places, and stone must come before flesh, that doesn’t leave a lot of options for where things go, but Water might be in the wrong place.
In any case, after Garrimaddon falls, we need to turn our attention toward defeating Ang.

I should caution you, however, into believing that only one aspect may be repaired at a time. It will probably take years, and much effort, to accomplish the defeat of each Warlord. We can work on destroying all of them at the same time, and probably should. I theorize that the ultimate destruction of each figurehead can only be accomplished once its predecessor is taken care of.

Defeating Ang: The Warlord of Corrupted Spirit: Queen’s Bishop

The Talon: Laughing Dead: Queen Bishop’s Pawn
Ang is responsible for the creation of Laughing Dead. While most weapons will affect a laughing dead, they do not put the creatures down for very long. These creatures are most readily identified by their continuous, creepy laughter. The one time I have ever encountered these creatures The only way to permanently destroy a laughing dead pack is to tell them a joke. Not any joke will do. The joke is specific to the pack, and was told to that pack at the time of the pack’s animation. More detailed information about the Laughing Dead can be found in Reeve’s dissertation.

The Limb: Ang
It is very likely that the spirit of Ang is inhabiting the body of Meribeth, a former princess of Tantarill. Meribeth killed her father as he was praying to his gods. She stabbed him from behind.
Ang is the Erl King’s ‘deal maker’. She is oft described as a tall, stately woman of regal bearing. Fighting her in a physical arena is much like trying to fight a marble statue, immovable, and solid. She has no known weaknesses.

Ang seems to be short for Angst, an appropriate name for a being of hopelessness, loss and sorrow.

Spirit’s “Anchor” seems to be the lost lands of Tantarill. Tantarill is oft associated with Spirit, and apparently the people of Tantarill were very spiritual in nature. The fall of Tantarill coincided with the fall of the aspect of Spirit.
As a note, Tantarill, and nearly all lore about it, has been quite thoroughly destroyed. We have a alphabet from them, and a few surviving tales, but little else. The sword, Fury (the flaming sword that killed Maggot once) was said to have been created in this land. I have read a document about Fury that had many possible tales of it’s origin.. all of them place Tantarill as the location of it’s creation.
Tantarill’s people are said to be very spiritual in nature. Some theories claim that they may have actually worshipped, after a fashion, the Kal en Dral.

It is very likely that her defeat, or the ultimate defeat of any of the Limbs, will need to be more of a matter of cleansing the aspect of Nature that has been corrupted, rather than simply running them through with the appropriate weapon.

Spirit lies in the center of the Wheel to the Kal. It is the blending of all aspects of nature, and an Aspect of its own. It has no opposite, so I cannot even begin to theorize the kind of weapon most appropriate for vanquishing her.

Uncorrupting Spirit, and thereby defeating Ang, will likely take a long time. We will, by necessity need to unplug the pathways that prevent gods from looking into or working in the Lost Kingdoms. We will need to restore faith to the people in the Lost Kingdoms. Establish temples. Bring hope. Not an easy task, nor a quick way to bring about resolution. Time, care, patience and dedication will be our weapons in this fight.

Defeating Maggot: The Warlord of Corrupted Flesh: Queen’s Rook

It is very likely that Flesh is the next Warlord that we will need to defeat after Spirit. When Nalfaerishii finally fell, Skalds and Wolds were already at work, so I theorize that the corruption of Flesh came after the corruption of Stone and Water.

The Talon: Rottlings: Queen Rook’s Pawn
Maggot’s minions are known as Rottlings. Rottlings are diseased, mad, living things. They spread and carry a disease colloquially known as Rottling disease. Rottling disease can be spread very quickly and easily. Onset of the disease takes one to three days. After the third day, victims of the disease become rottlings. Rottlings are very easy to kill with any weapon, but killing a rottling generally spreads the disease to the person that slew it, and to those near at hand. Forest Runners can make special fire-brands that can kill a Rottling and prevent it from spreading its disease to others. Forest Runners can also cure this disease without magic, but sadly cannot cure themselves should they fall prey to it.

The spell, Purity, seems to be proof against Rottling disease. Cure disease also cures the sickness. I have been told that even should someone reach the third stage of the disease, that which transforms the victim into a Rottling, should they be given a cure disease, they can be saved. I am uncertain of the truth in this, however.

For more information about Rottlings and fire, I would suggest reading about the formation of the Forest Runners, and a series of reports concerning Thafford, a township in Gwenethlin.

The Limb: Maggot
Maggot is the Warlord of Corrupted Flesh. It is theorized that the ‘host’ taken to house this Warlord was possibly the Ixxan’s son. (See notes on Garrimaddon, above). Maggot is oft described as a humanoid of unknown species, covered in the boils and pus of his own disease. Maggot is not a smart creature. Maggot can spread Rottling disease and make living things into a rottling with a touch.

The Erl King is oft described as a man with a fly’s head. Maggots, of course, are the larvae of a fly.

Flesh’s worldly anchor is generally thought to be the Elven lands of Nalfaerishii.

Maggot has been temporarily slain by the sword known as Fury. Perhaps once the aspect of Flesh has been cleansed, Maggot can finally be slain with Fury for all time. Until the aspect has been purified, however, I fear Maggot will simply keep returning to torment us. Light lies opposite Clay on the Wheel of the Kal. We know Fire works against Rottling Disease. Perhaps a weapon of Light or Air may also have an effect.

I should think the process of purifying flesh involves a few steps. The easiest part will be to slay the Rottlings, cure those that are its victims, or burn them, to prevent further outbreaks. Keeping the populations within the Lost Kingdoms, and here in our own lands clean of the disease will also be important. That may be more involved… creating clinics to treat every illness. Learning how to spot the signs of someone infected by the disease, and curing them as soon as possible. Ensuring cleanliness in each household, each well, each food supply. Creating and maintaining sanitation projects that keep sewage, trash and such items from polluting the air, food or water of a community. Husbanding and maintaining food supplies being clean and readily available to prevent famine, and other factors the keep people from being in optimal heath.

Being opposed to permanently destroying innocents, I would love to council everyone to kill the rottling, cure the host, and restore that being to life.. but I know that isn’t practical in a battlefield, and I know that leaving the corpses to fester is dangerous. Just consider it, should you happen to have the time and resources to do so. The only other option is to burn the corpses as quickly as possible.

If we can manage to stomp out all traces of the disease, we should be able to put paid to Maggot, itself. By Steel, by Reason and by Fire.

Defeating Irrad: The Warlord of Corrupted Stone: King’s Rook

This may be in the incorrect order, but I put Irrad as the next foe to defeat as a guess.

I know very little about the fall of the Dwarves in Cruen’t. I have no clues as to who the host of the Warlord might once have been. I don’t know how Stone, immutable, dependable stone, could have been corrupted as it had, so I have few words of advice on how to purify it, or cleanse it. I only have a scant bit of information on the subject, and you are welcome to all I can relate.

The Talon: Wolds: King Rooks’ Pawn
Irrad’s minions are known as Wolds. Wolds look like men made up of stone. They are known to be very thick skinned, and though most weapons can affect them, striking the Wold can often shatter those weapons. Maces and other blunt, heavy weapons, seem to fare better against a Wold. Wolds are persistent, strong, and seem to delight in torturing things of flesh. As if corrupted stone hated all things animate and lively.

The Limb: Irrad
Irrad has been to the north. By all accounts, he appears as a massive creature made of blackened stone with green, glowing light blazing out of it. He is the main general of the Erl King’s forces, often acting on the Battlefield. Irrad is strong, very strong, but can be tricked easily enough if you make him rely on that strength. He’s not very fast.
It is said, or has been threatened, that should Garrimaddon fail here in the north that Irrad will come to continue his work. Chances are very good that once Garrimaddon falls, we will have to contend with Irrad and the Erl King’s forces.
Irrad, like his Wolds, seems to shatter weapons that strike his thick hide. He also seems to delight in physical torture.

I do not know what basis Irrad’s name is taken from.

Stone’s anchor was most likely the dwarven lands of Cruen’t.

Irrad has been temporarily slain by a magical mace. Upon the wheel of the Kal en Dral, Stone lies opposite Mist, a derivative of Water and Air. Perhaps magical weapons of Water, Mist or Air, in mace form, will have some effect on Irrad. This is a theory only, and would need to be tested.

Since I don’t understand how Stone was corrupted, I can give little advice on how to cleanse it, and thereby ultimately defeat Irrad. I would be interested in hearing anyone’s theories on how this can be done.

Defeating Polth: The Warlord of Corrupted Water: King’s Bishop

As with Irrad, I am only guessing that this is the next Warlord we will need to defeat. The two may actually be reversed, with Polth coming before Irrad. As the map of the Lost Kingdoms puts Quickmarsh, the ‘anchor’ of Polth closer to Sothron, and Cruen’t the ‘anchor’ of Irrad further, I’m guessing Water fell before Stone did, and have listed them accordingly.

Prophesy: “You must still all the waves in the ocean to calm the sea, you must bring down a goddess to destroy the devil.”

The Talon: Skalds: King Bishop’s Pawn
Skalds are, by now, well known to the people of the realms. They are cruelty personified. They act as scouts, assassins and spies for the forces of the Erl King. They are shapechangers. Some can pose as well known personalities within the realms, some are not quite so skilled, but can pose as other races. In their “natural” form, Skalds look like beings made up of murky or polluted water. Beings closely allied to nature can sometimes detect a skald by their foul scent.
Skalds are born in packs every hundred years or so. These packs are referred to as “Storms”. A skald’s birth-storm determines certain facts about their powers and age. There have been 21 Storms since the coming of the Erl King. It is believed a new Storm will be born soon.
As previously mentioned, skalds gain a power corresponding to the storm they were born into.
It is known that first storm skalds have the ability to be undetected. It is believed that only 6 Skalds remain from the first Storm. Das’Lekyn and the Procurer are both first storm skalds. Though they have few weaknesses, it seems that they are vulnerable to arrow strikes to the chest.
Fifth storm skalds are possibly made up entirely of acid, rather than rancid water.
Sixth storm skalds are known as the Ring Skalds. I am uncertain why.
Seventh storm skalds are theorized to be only vulnerable to maces.
The other Skald Storm abilities are unknown to me. There is a theory that all skalds may be vulnerable to Arrows, not just those of the first storm.
For more information about Skalds, please read Reeve’s Treatise on the Wiles and Ways of Corruption.
It is well known that skalds scalp their prey. Each time they do this, they seem to ‘eat’ the soul of the person they slay. Each time a skald is successfully killed, one of those souls, generally the most recently killed, is left behind as the skald dissolves. It has been said that if someone slays a skald within a circle of protection, that the person that laid the circle may demand a particular soul from the Skald. Further, it has been theorized that if a caster could somehow demand the SKALD’s soul, that it may finish the creature for all time. As a skald gains scalps, it is believed that they also grow in power and ability. It stands to reason that Skalds from earlier storms are likely much more powerful than their younger siblings.
When ID creature is cast upon a Storm, with the exception of those in the first Storm, the spell will often reveal the Skald, it’s birth storm, and the number of souls it has stored within it.
It is said there are a finite number of Skalds, probably numbering in the hundreds, yet to destroy a single skald, all the souls within it need to be stripped from it.

The goddess known as Tana Torne has her origins in the defeat of a Skald that was plaguing the area known as Loch Torne. It is possible that Tana Torne’s body was taken to house the being later known as Nasnie, the Warlord of Corrupted Mind. I am guessing, but it seems likely that the Skald known as the Procurer was likely the one that took Tana Torne.

The Limb: Polth
Polth is the Warlord of Corrupted Water. She is generally described as looking like a bloated, drowned corpse that walks and talks. She is sometimes referred to as the ‘mother’ of Skalds.

I know nothing at all about the fall of Quickmarsh, and the coming of Polth. I do not know who the ‘host’ of this thing might have been. I know only that Quickmarsh was a mercantile state before the coming of the Erl King, and that the people of Quickmarsh were fairly closely allied to those of Sothron before the Spirit War. The only interactions I have witnessed involving Polth, she was in the company of her sister, Ang. She seems to enjoy laying in water, and putrid water seems to gush out of her constantly. I had no impression of her actual personality from the vision, however.

Polth’s name may be a twisted form of the word Pollution.

Water’s anchor is likely the former lands of Quickmarsh.

Magic seems to be profoundly useless against Polth. It has been theorized that all the Skalds must first be slain before Polth herself can be destroyed. Another possibility, however, is that, like her ‘children’ Polth may be vulnerable to arrow strikes to the chest, or something called “dissonance”. I know of a weapon that may have some effect against her, but I do not know where that weapon currently resides. It is a pole arm, and seems to be allied in some fashion to Air.

Water lies opposite Fire on the Wheel of the Kal. Light and Stone are on either side of Fire. If the symmetry follows, it stands to reason that a weapon of any of those three elements would have a good chance of destroying Polth. Oddly, and asymmetrically, arrows are more often associated with Air than other Aspects. If the prophesy applies to Polth, perhaps all the Skalds need to be defeated before she herself can be destroyed by any means.

Purifying water seems nearly an oxymoron to me, as Water is the aspect of cleansing and purity. I suppose the best way to handle the purification of water is to try and prevent waterways from becoming clogged and stagnant, and to keep filth, sewage and such out of water, thus keeping water pure.

Defeating the Warlord of Corrupted Air: Queen

I am fairly certain that this was the second aspect of nature to fall.

There are no known prophecy’s surrounding the fall of this creature, though it claims to know when it will end, and how. Being the warlord of Air, and Air being the aspect of all knowledge, time, and prophesy, I take it with a grain of salt that this being actually KNOWS anything at all… It seems quite capable of gleaning information out of a thinking being, ANY thinking being, but it doesn’t seem capable of knowing whether or not that information is true or false, and doesn’t seem to have the ability to reason out puzzles.

The Talon: Queen’s Pawn
As of this writing, there is no known minion associated with this Warlord. By definition, however, the Forest Runners may have once filled this role. They worship knowledge, and learning. They shun religion and faith of any sort. I do not think that the Forest Runners, as they stand now, are still this beast’s unwitting pawns. Things changed after Reeve became their leader, and much of their former ways, to my understanding, have been altered. I may be grossly incorrect in my assessment, but the facts are there, and the conclusion from those facts stated. It is best, however, if you keep an open mind about such things.
Some might be willing to believe that the Twisted are the minions of this Warlord. I do not believe that to be the case. I believe the Twisted are minions serving Garrimaddon, and borne of magics from the North, not the south.

The Limb: The Warlord of Corrupted Air
This Warlord looks like Reeve. His left hand is black, with a Sothroni High Rune upon it. It can blast people away from itself by directing that hand at people.

It enjoys torture, but not necessarily just physical varieties. Mind games, humiliation, hurtful truths and lies, and elaborate illusions are only a few of its pastimes. It picks on your insecurities, weaknesses, self esteem, self images, and all the things that make you feel good, or bad about yourself.

Little to nothing is known about this Warlord. It has only recently ‘surfaced’ to the minds of the world. I will give here what I have gleaned and learned for myself. From history and such and even from the creature’s own mouth as it tortured me.
When the Erl King first came to the World, there was a magical library located in the northwest corner of the Lost Kingdom, a place now occupied by the Fortress known as Kal Carhd. Through a secret entrance, and hidden behind an illusion, lies the door to the library. A single guardian was custodian to the place. Somehow, this unremembered person got wind of what was happening, and swallowed a vial of the most potent acid as the Warlord came to take the Library, his body, and its place in the world. The battle between the lost guardian and the Warlord lasted only as long as it took the acid to leave the Warlord with nothing but a hollow shell, awaiting the next person that entered the Library, Bodiless and bitter.
Roughly seven years ago, Reeve entered the Library, and began his duel with the Warlord. The Library had rules for who becomes the Guardian and Custodian of its power, and both the Warlord and Reeve were bound to those rules for their duel.
From my understanding, the duel took the form of constant mind games, puzzles, and such traded between the two. Reeve however, was not trying to defeat the creature, as that would expel it from the Library, leaving it free to look for another host, or influence others. Reeve played for Time and for Stalemate, entrapping the Warlord in the Library. Ultimately, Reeve was killed with the combined efforts of every Warlord, with the exception of Nasnie, against him. The creature took Reeve’s body at that point. I do not know at this time what fate the Library fell to after the creature succeeded.

I do know the creature’s given name, but will refrain from using it, as it will, like most higher order demons, be attracted to anyone writing, saying, or even thinking its name. Its name is based on the word Air and Liar. Right now Anyone could Instigate his Listening, if they reveal the answer to that riddle.

The anchor of Thought and Knowledge was the magical library.

Air lies opposite Earth on the Wheel of the Kal. Weapons of Earth, Clay or Stone may be helpful in its defeat, but this is a theory only.

Air is perversely easy and difficult to corrupt. Air is the Aspect of Knowledge. Truth, metaphysically speaking, is theoretically impossible for anyone to perceive, let alone understand. Yet, lies are a corruption of Air. It has been said to me that when the Erl King first came to the world, this Warlord was born of a Lie. Perhaps if we can discern the nature of the first Lie, we can somehow end the threat of this Warlord.

I will not record my theories on the Lie, or possible weapons, here. Seek me out if you wish to discuss the possibilities.

Defeating Kytsim: the Warlord of Corrupted Magic: Queen’s Knight

By all accounts, this was the first aspect to fall, probably even before the arrival of the Enemy.

I do not know any prophesies in relation to this Warlord’s defeat.

The Talon: Phantoms: Queen Knight’s Pawn
Phantoms appear to be animate spells. I cannot remember having had any interactions with Phantoms, though have heard they have been seen by some members of the Realms on Tarx island. I don’t have any additional information on these creatures, and would simply be parroting things that can be found in Reeve’s Treatise.

The Limb: Kytsim
Kytsim is the Warlord of Corrupted Magic. He is generally described as a male, and hued translucent blue. He is incorporeal by all accounts. Kytsim is rarely seen.

It is widely accepted that Kytsim was likely once Vasaryio, the court mage of Sothron, and the person that summoned the Erl King to the World.

Kytsim seems to be derived from the word Mystic, spelled backwards. Oddly enough, Mystics are generally accepted as being more in tune with land and spirit magic than with ‘higher’ magics, such as Geomancy, Runes, and magical artifice.

Magic’s anchor is historically believed to be the land of Sothron itself.

Despite the fact that I have been a mage, or rather, a practitioner or what people consider magical arts for all of my conscious life, I have little background or understanding of what is referred to as “pure” or “higher” magic. I’m not a ritualist, more a channeler or medium. My magic is more instinct than science. This makes me less able to understand the nature of Kytsim’s power. Greed, I believe, is the main way in which magic was corrupted. People are lured by the belief that magic is easy power, easy gain, quick solutions, rather than working for an end... much easier by far than hard, menial work. We in the north are guilty of this greed, ourselves. The thirst for blue. Overdependence upon spell power to get tasks done. Our firm belief that magic can fix anything. Our magic comes from many different sources.. the land, ourselves, our gods, belief, will, sacrifice of innocents, emotion.. It will be very difficult, if not next to impossible to determine what a Pure form of magic should look like, let along how to cleanse Magic that is corrupted. I am at a loss how to combat this form of corruption.

Defeating Nasnie: The Warlord of Corrupted Mind: King’s Knight

As I mentioned earlier, I have no clue as to when this aspect of Nature fell, I only guess that it fell sometime after Water did.

I do not know any prophesies in relation to this Warlord’s defeat.

The Talon: Lost Ones: King Knight’s Pawn
I have never seen or heard tales of these minions. I only know what is described in Reeve’s dissertation, but never heard any other accounts. In Reeve’s report, the Lost Ones are just normal people, driven into a berserker state, killing things in their path while living some other fantasy. I do not know if they are affected by normal weapons while in this state, or if they will simply continue to ask despite injuries done to them until Nasnie’s grip fades from them.
I will note here, that Paladin’s of Tana Torne also seem capable of this berserk state, ignoring deathblows and acting far beyond then normal tolerance of a body to get whatever task they deem necessary accomplished. See the story of Tana Torne (hopefully included) for more details, or ask me to relate it, if it is not included.

The Limb: Nasnie:
Nasnie is the Warlord of corrupted mind. She is often depicted as looking female, blond, with wild hair and generally naked. She is supposed to be alluring in some fashion. Forest Runners will warn against looking her in the eye. The very few encounters I have had related to me about her, she tends to prattle and flit, speaking in sing-song, disjointed speech. I have not encountered her, personally. She has referred to the Erl King as her master. Nasnie seems curiously absent from a good deal of the ‘courtly’ aspects of the Erl King’s cabinet, so much so, one almost wonders if she exists as one of his Warlords at all.

My current theory (and this is only a guess on my part) is that Nasnie inhabits the body of Tana Torne. What horror would it be to Tana Torne for her own body to be used against her people after she made a sacrifice of herself to keep Skalds forever from it? For her own body to be the vessel from which this Warlord acts from?

Nasnie seems to be derived from the word insanity.

Loch Torne seems to be the anchor for Mind, and is known for it’s Libraries, as well as for the Loch, and the Paladin school dedicated to Tana Torne.

I have no further information on her. She is something of an enigma, all around. I imagine she and the Warlord of Corrupted thought wouldn’t get along so well…

Defeating the Erl King: The “Warlord” of Corrupted Earth: King

The Erl King’s actual name is Reup, or pure, spelled all wrong.

It has no minions specifically dedicated to it.

It is always described as looking like a man with a fly’s head. We know it likes to eat children, the younger the better. Where Earth is the aspect of parenting, birth and healing, it represents death, and the ending of life cycles.

I have often heard that this thing was summoned to the world, but that this is the second time that it has been here. I have come to believe that the creature is a member of the Kal kre Bain, creatures directly opposed to the Kal en Dral that seek to bring about the utter destruction of everything. This being, Reup, has consumed at least one world before coming to this one, then patiently waits to be summoned forth again to some other untouched world, to start its feeding schedule anew.

If that is correct, and it is in fact a Bain or a greater Bain, it must have under it’s influence a temple to the Kalkrebainen, and possibly a gate to other realms it has touched. The temple and gate, if I am right, will certainly be powerful, as they have had over two thousand years to mature, and they, most certainly, will need to be destroyed before we can be certain to put paid to this creature and it’s influence.

In conversation (if one can call it that) with the Warlord of Corrupted Thought, I have been led to believe that Reup was summoned here THEN traveled back in time, to corrupt the primal essences of nature, then jumped back forward again, awaiting the time for it to harvest the fruits of it’s labor. So, in effect, the Erl King didn’t come ‘before’ it came when called, then traveled backward, unweaving a little bit of time. It, or the bulk of it, may not even be in the world yet.

In an unusual vision, I saw a place that might have been the grove from which the Erl King was originally summoned. From the vision, I was led to believe the place was once powerful with Natural Spirits, but it was utterly destroyed and bereft of such now. I thought at the time, that the place was likely near Fell Sothron. It would stand to reason that the temple or gate, or perhaps both, might be located in that grove.


If you have further input, questions, or perceptions, please share them with me. I do not know everything, and would like to analyze any information people have on these subjects. I would like any piece of information, no matter how trivial it might seem, in relation to this creature and its minions.
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