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Teachings of Arius

To new initiates learning about Arius, children of Ariland, scholars of all nations, and to anyone else seeking to know more of Arilic Church and what it means to be a follower of Truth, this information has been written for you. The followers of the Truth are bound together by a common belief in our god Arius, the god of Truth and War.

What is the Truth? Never has such a simple question demanded such a complex answer. The answer to this question is “The Truth is Arius and Arius is the Truth”. It is understanding the Truth that the followers of Arius seek. The Realms is a world full of deception. In fact many may argue that it is the nature of humans to be deceptive, but this is not how it was to be. Arius’ worshippers are to be truthful in every situation without exception. The words spoken from the lips of a follower of Truth are to be always honest. “The Truth is sharper than the lightest swiftest sword, yet carries more weight than a mountain.”
It has become understood over the centuries that the Truth is just as glorious as it is dangerous. The Truth can be used to manipulate just as well as to liberate. Arius teaches us that the Truth should be wielded just as the veteran warrior wields the most prized weapon. It is the responsibility of the Arilic followers to wield the Truth wisely and never without care.

Arius teaches Truth but he is also a god of War. The Arius worshipper’s very life has always been threatened by Rexan’s Aspis. These creatures are supreme over the human race and so we are at a disadvantage. Arilic followers are called to arms against this threat. For it is written that “when Truth itself is threatened we cannot whimper away.” Yet, we face an exceptional enemy and without the ability to defend our belief, the Truth will surely be destroyed. Arius teaches that if we are to keep our lives and faith we are to be the fiercest of warriors, the most pious healers, the swiftest archers, the most cunning assassins, and the wisest sorcerers. We are called to forever be training and improving our martial skill to defend ourselves and the Truth.

Arius’ worshippers are to be constantly wary of Rexan’s deceit. Rexan is the god of deceit and chaos and is forever working to destroy the Truth. The Aspis exist to twist the Truth in their lies, producing chaos and working to eliminate those who would spread the Truth. The High Priest Thomas Althorne once said, “Seek the Truth first in every situation.” It is the duty for the followers of Truth to find the Truth through the chaos, confusion, and potential deception in -every situation.

High Priests and Templar’s of the Truth are to be; the fiercest on the battlefield, the wisest in the council, the most skilled artisans. They are to be true to themselves and their word is never broken, so that they are not doubted by others. They seek to sense a lie through the darkness and the Truth through the fog. The follower of the Truth is armed with the strength of their martial devotion and practice, and their mind liberated and made fearless by the Truth. “For the war will not be determined by the Divine, but by the faithful.”
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