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Notes on Nightstar Ritual

Author: (currently unknown)
Place/Gathering Discovered: Ruins within/under Blackwood Proper
Date: June 1010
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
(I apologize for the absolute horrendous note-taking on this one; I was in a rush, it was written on a book that had writing already on it, and after being changed into a gray elf I was too fearful to pick this up again for some time. - Sir Penn)

The guardians of the House Nightstar: Arunsun, Ylsevra, Arlys, Illsenora, Aisar (all gray elves at one point, I think)

egg = 1 con
Blood of a Drake, egg - Power?
drake/pow = 2
Get containment foci
Essence = 3 Focus
Elf = 4
Wisp/Air = 5
Wind = Control
Ashes = 7
diamond = way 2 travel
ashes, the person, the permanency
seasons change, the faces hide
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