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Name: Rexan, God fo Serpents
Domain: Serpents, Poison, Assassination
Symbols: a golden coiled snake encircled on a field of black
Avatars: the Disciple
Plot marshals: Tom Gallagher, Randy Gordon
Area of Influence: Apis Nor Mountains, Darkvale
Rexan is a god that was fought for in the Ascension Wars, but in the end his heroes were not successful at achieving the top prize. Other than the stories of Lars and the existence of the Princes and Princesses of the Aspis Fae, not much is known at this time to adventurers about this god's particular look or temperament, although the theory is that Rexan is a male persona, battle-based (both mages and warriors alike have fought in his name), and serpentine/snake-like in demeanor and looks.
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